Meredith & Mitch’s Modern Hippy Engagement Shoot

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Good morning brides! Hands up if you’re thinking about your engagement shoot? We’re HUGE fans of engagement shoots at b.loved HQ, not just because we love to see couples in love (we do!) but also because we think they’re a really great way to get to know your photographer, relax in front of the camera, and get some cute photographs of the two of you!  And with Spring just around the corner, warmer weather and sunshine, engagement shoot season is here!  There’s a lot of debate about whether you should plan a ‘styled’ engagement shoot, or if you should go ‘au naturel’.  Perhaps if you’re having a long engagement, or are love-love-loving the opportunity to get crafty for your wedding, than a styled shoot is the way to go.  If you’re a little more camera-shy, or just want some lovely & relaxed images then forgo the fuss, and keep it simple.  Frankly, it’s totally up to you and what you (and your fiancé!) feel comfortable with!

To give you some ideas, and because we love sharing the love, today I’ve got two totally different engagement sessions to share with you so you can decide for yourself!  This morning is Meredith & Mitch’s bohemian styled engagement session from US photographer Kelly Canova.  All flower crowns, ribbon garlands and VW Campervan, this free-spirited couple decided to showcase their style with a hippy-inspired love shoot!

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Kelly explains the concept for the shoot ~

As Meredith and I talked about her wedding and engagement photos, we decided to do a bohemian-styled-engagement shoot. Her sweetie Mitch is a musician (he proposed to her with his guitar case that had “Will You Marry Me” scrawled on the side) and thought they would look so great together in front of a 1973 VW van and with a ring of flowers in Meredith’s hair.  This was a modern day hippie styled engagement shoot with a bohemian flair. For the perfect vintage-boho infusion, the couple chose beautiful Azalea Dixon Park in Winter Park, Florida.  Their planned wedding was not only a celebration of their union, but also a celebration of nature. Their grassroots vibe and décor was complete with a ’73 VW Van and a ring of flowers in the bride-to-be’s hair. These Vintage Bohemian elements added to the fun and whimsical feel, creating a timeless message for the bride and groom, who’s exquisitely unique celebration was all about love.

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Here’s Meredith’s story ~

Mitch plays music for a living, and one night my sister was at a local bar having beers with a date. She saw Mitch playing music and instantly claimed that our “auras” were the same. She wrote on a napkin the “the ways to meet my sister” and proceeded to list my phone number, Facebook, and email (Mitch has kept this napkin!). She then gave it to Mitch and was rather persistent that he meet me. Mitch decided to contact me and asked me if I would go on a date with him. Honestly, I was very hesitant , but I decided to take a chance and go on a blind date after all. As clichéd as it sounds, it was love-at-first-sight. We were best friends from the second we said hello. We both felt a sense of comfort in each other’s presence, making a blind date a dream date.

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Four years later, Mitch decided to ask me to marry him. In order to bring our dating relationship full circle, he decided to propose to me in NYC (where my sister lives), so she could bring us together once again. I thought I was just visiting my sister in NYC for a long weekend, however, Mitch had other plans. He flew from Colorado (where he was visiting his family) without my knowing. As I walked with my sister in Brooklyn Heights one beautiful afternoon, I stopped to see Mitch kneeling on one knee next to a vintage carousal and the skyline in our view, with “Will you marry me” written on his guitar case. I of course said yes…the rest of the day was so perfect–a celebratory lunch with my sister and her fiancé, followed by dinner for two and a night at the Waldorf.

So Cute!  Don’t forget to pop back this afternoon for a totally different engagement shoot!


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Kim Durham

Great piece. Lovely story board way of recording the engagement and being a photographer myself really agree with the ‘getting to know each other bit’ being relaxed and feeling at ease is key to believable images.

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