Modern Rustic and Minimalist Elopement in Norway

We explore three wedding trends today with this stunning shoot by BEST DAY EVER Events and Anouk Fotografeert. Firstly let’s talk Elopements which are really rising in popularity. Whereas the traditional sense of an elopement would mean the two of you eloping to be married, the modern elopement that so many couples are opting for is where you would include your nearest and dearest for a super intimate wedding. This shoot explores the elopement idea in the majestic setting of Norway.

The other two wedding trends featuring in this shoot and which we’ve spotted on the rise is; 1. the come back of the rustic style but with a more modern and chic twist! Think mixing organic elements and natural pieces. And number 2. is the Minimalist wedding style. A really contemporary design with considered pieces and lots of room to breathe, This style mixes so well with a wide variety of other styles too including industrial luxe, organic and even fine art genres.

Here is Best Day Ever Events to tell us more about their inspirations and the details of this shoot; “To celebrate your special day you don’t need a lot. Minimalistic weddings are getting on trend. Simple lines, clean styling, soft colours are the key ingredients for minimalistic wedding. When you add amazing views of fjords and mountains in Norway you will get the perfect elopement. For this elopement we have chosen for simple but really stylish dress with pretty lace details and open back. A branch of magnolia tree gives soft romantic touch. You don’t need much to make a statement. As for the styling we have decided to use glass plate and some spring flowers in combination with natural colours makes everything light and romantic.”




Delicacy and Romanticism. An Ethereal Be

Antonia Luzi Wedding & Events together with Photographer Irene Fucci share their be


Romantic Arzino Valley Elopement

Inspiration for a romantic elopement at Count Ceconi Castle in Italy by Amanda Karen Photo


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A beautiful outdoor wedding by Anouschka Rokebrand Photography, set under a canopy of Waln



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