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Swinging New Orleans Jazz Wedding

When Grace and Luke first met in Louisiana, they never expected that they’d tie the knot four years later in this lovely American state. Combining modern elements and vibrant city culture, the couple’s New Orleans wedding takes urban celebrations to a whole new level.

Captured by Alexi Lee Photography, this gallery features the wonders of having your big day in a colourful city. If you’re planning an urban celebration, don’t forget to bookmark this inspiration for later.

Texas Girl Meets Illinois Guy

Grace and Luke met at an LSU tailgate, just six days after she moved to Baton Rouge in 2015. He was tailgating with his boss at the time, and she happened to be buying tickets to the game from one of his boss’s friends. She felt an immediate attraction to him, but thought he wasn’t interested when he didn’t ask for her number.

The next day, though, she was invited to a “Sunday Funday” at a Mexican restaurant downtown. She decided to show up, and the couple hit it off. The first time they said ‘I love you’ was at the world-famous Cat’s Meow karaoke bar, which later became the location of their reception’s official after-party.

The Proposal

Luke proposed during a weekend trip visiting family in Saugatuck, Michigan. They were taking a photo together in front of a historic home in town when he turned to Grace mid-photo and said, “I’m sorry this took so long.” He dropped to one knee and asked her to be his wife. She was so shocked that she started screaming.

Once the couple got engaged, there was no question that their big day location would be New Orleans. They also wanted their wedding weekend to mark four years after that fateful Tiger tailgate and Sunday Funday. With Luke being from Illinois and Grace from Texas, they wanted to provide their guests with a quintessential, modern Louisiana wedding experience. They knew that New Orleans would exceed their guests’ expectations in culture, entertainment, and food.

The Big Day

The couple didn’t put too much of their resources on favours, bridal, transportation, and grand hotel suites. Instead, they decided to splurge on the bridal dress, the venue, and the live wedding painter.

The bridal bouquet was made by a family friend from Grace’s Texas hometown. From the few inspirations that Grace sent her, the friend made a gorgeous bouquet right in her hotel room the night before the big day! Grace felt so special knowing the flowers she held were made with love and intention from someone she knows. Grace also wore her mother’s garter, which added to the beautiful sentimentality.

The couple’s Second Line Parade, in true New Orleans tradition, was also a highlight. The guests were given handkerchiefs, which doubled as wedding programmes, to wave in the air throughout the parade. Their energy, coupled with that of the brass band, was infectious. Luke and Grace also enjoyed witnessing complete strangers stop to film, dance, wave, and congratulate them the entire route.

For the wedding cake, the couple decided to go with JessiCakes, a small business owned by their friend, Jessica. It looked and tasted like a million bucks for a lot less, and everyone absolutely loved it. They also had custom cocktail napkins with various “fun facts” about each of them, just for a nice personal touch.

All in all, it was a wedding that felt genuinely Luke’s and Grace’s. They did what they want, and they had their fun. Most importantly, their love shone through it all.