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New Ways to Use Social Media at Your Wedding That You Probably Didn’t Know About

We’ve all heard of custom filters and wedding hashtags – but did you know there were even more ways to incorporate social media into your wedding day and keep it authentic? We caught up with luxury destination wedding planner and former TV production executive, Hayleigh Goodman-Smith of ivorygoat, to find out more.

Capture The Build-Up

Snapshots of you visiting your venue, cute save-the-date videos, the pre-wedding parties… it can be fun documenting the build-up to the big day. “Social media is such a huge part of our daily lives, and I love the idea of couples elevating their brand by keeping their audience up to date with their plans,” says Hayleigh. “It’s also a great way to store memories to look back on.”

“One of my favourite things is to shoot teasing/promo aspects like the venue, accommodation or menus – keeping it tight so as not to give too much away, but enough to get the guests excited. We can even be there to capture the moment the wedding party touches down at their destination,” she adds. It gives a whole new meaning to behind the scenes.

Live Stream the Day

Just as it has across all elements of the pandemic, video technology will continue to play a role in weddings – particularly destination weddings – in a bid to include those friends and family members who can’t travel. “You could livestream your whole day (either privately to those who can’t be with you via an encrypted video link or to your entire social media audience) or just parts of it, like the ceremony, speeches or first dance,” says Hayleigh. “You might even want to include real-time messages from absent family members.”

Want to go one step further? Hayleigh suggests having a representation of the wedding menu delivered to your missing guests’ doors “so they can eat the same food, drink the same champagne and enjoy the day with you.”

Rather than burden a guest with the job of filming a potentially shaky livestream via an app, leave it to the pros and you’ll feel confident that everything will be filmed and organised to the highest standard.


Red-Carpet Arrivals

Drum roll, please… guests can now be papped on arrival in their carefully chosen outfits and we’re here for it. “The sky really is the limit when it comes to this kind of service and it’s popular with social-savvy couples who enjoy engaging with their audience,” adds Hayleigh.

“You could have a reporter greeting people as they arrive, encouraging them to share stories around the couple – it can even be beautifully edited to look like news coverage, cutting to interviews and background videos.”

Erm, Meghan and Harry who?

Have a Post-Wedding Strategy

Once all the memories of the day have been captured, a clear social media strategy will help you have some element of control over what is posted. And a pro will – of course – ensure everything has been edited to the highest standard

“It’s about keeping everything streamlined and perfectly managed,” says Hayleigh. “Ensure you maximise the content that’s been created and have control over when it’s posted – so instead of a standard wedding hashtag, why not have someone collate all the images and videos from the day and post it from one account?” There are planners and videographers out there that can offer this service, which not only allows everyone to take a break from posting and scrolling during the wedding, but it means you can manage the tone of voice and ensure it’s completely authentic to you.

Going Offline

Of course, despite your best efforts, well-meaning guests will take it upon themselves to take as many candid snaps of you as possible – but what if you want to limit the use of social media at your wedding?

“Ultimately you can’t stop people posting – but you can exercise control,” says Hayleigh. “After all, it’s your wedding day and only yours to share, and guests should carry out your wishes. The key is to ensure they know exactly what is expected of them and there are no grey areas.”

The first line of defence is to not pemit people to use their phones altogether. Search #unpluggedwedding and you’ll find it’s a popular option with many couples, particularly during the ceremony. Just put a note on your wedding website or in the invites, and make some polite signs for the day.

“A great way of allowing guests to take photos (without the temptation to post them) is to provide Polaroid cameras and a designated area to hang them, so guests can snap away and ‘share’ – and even write comments on them,” adds Hayleigh. “It’s great interaction for your guests and they make wonderful visual souvenirs for you and them.”



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