How to Plan A Colourful Wedding With Elegance

It’s clear that our first love here at B.LOVED is elegant, understated and classic, and usually that means our pages are filled with  pale pastels and neutral palettes. But what if we could show you how to plan a colourful wedding that is beautifully vibrant yet classically understated.

That’s exactly what B.LOVED Edit member Honour & Pop is all about, so today we’re welcoming H&P Founder and Creative Director Antonia Roskill to the blog to share with you her tips and advice on how to plan a colourful wedding that oozes luxury and elegance.

What is the first thing to consider when planning your wedding or event?

I understand that couples want their wedding to be exceptional with a wow factor that has style and substance.  I spend quite a long time getting to know my clients before I even start discussing all the pretty elements of a wedding including the colour. I ensure we have all the necessary and vital parts of the wedding booked before I delve into all the colour “fun”.

How do you choose the colour palette for an event?

I get to know what makes my client tick including their tastes in fashion, interiors and travel. Very often from talking about their lives it very clearly shows me their likes and dislikes especially with colours. I ask my clients to think about the colours and patterns that surround them daily.  What colours make them happy? What colour is their favourite room or jumper? The simplest meaningful objects, such as a scarf, a peace of jewellery or even a cushion, can inspire a colour palette.

I recommend incorporating elements of design and colour that represent my clients.  It’s very easy to get carried away with ideas seen in other weddings or on Pinterest or Instagram. The palette chosen should be one that clients will be happy to live with for a long time since they will be looking at photographs and filling albums with those colours!  Just because it is a top trending colour does not mean you need to go with it.

There are dozens and dozens of colours to choose from when selecting a colour palette, which can make it tough to limit to.  As much as I love all colours, too many colours can make a palette seem disjointed but too few can leave you without options when it comes to planning all the details.

I would recommend steering clear of uber-specific colours in palette as it can be difficult to get the exact shade or swatch and could make for big disappointment.  I feel it is best to be open to different shades of a hue as it adds more interest to the decoration as well and isn’t to matchy-matchy.

What are your favourite colours to work with?

Pinks always! Pink is so versatile and naturally finds its way into weddings for so many reasons.  The variety of shades on the pink spectrum make it easy to slot into any colour palette.  Pink can be sweet and sugary, playful and proud, vibrant and visual or elegant and edgy. Whether you are after a playful vibe or an sophisticated style one the different shades of pink from blush to dark to hot pink will all work to bring your vision to life.

How can you incorporate colour into a design in a classic and elegant way?

I love working with colour and couples who love to play with colour! A creative combination, a fun pattern, or an unexpected accent can not only add a dose of personality to the big day, but it can also take it from pretty to WOW!

Keeping to your colour palette throughout your wedding will help create a cohesive flow and allows for every detail to look like it belongs.  I often recommend using more than one neutral or to go for multiple shades of the same hue to create a tonal scheme – such as the shades from one of the flowers you will be using.  For example a blue hydrangea will display a bright sapphire blue, a sky blue, a white and a grey; you could add a pop of colour such as a yellow to create a light and bright look. Integrating colour into your wedding décor creates visual interest and allows you to include fun touches to your tables and overall wedding design.

Table settings are the ultimate way to create style and substance with colour. Table linens in various hues create colourful backdrops for name place settings, centrepieces, and other table design elements.

Napkins and table runners are a must have for any well-dressed table. Napkins are perfect for adding bright and rich colours. Whether you want to go bright and fun or elegant and dark, using napkins is a great way to incorporate colour into your wedding. Ribbons are a fabulously versatile way to bring in colour. Stunning velvet ribbons with a name place cards can be tied around napkins to combine colour and texture. Likewise, table runners are a great way to add texture, layers, and colour to your overall design. They also help focus attention on other important elements like your floral arrangements or centrepieces. Tableware and glassware also give you the option of adding complementary colours to your chosen colour scheme.

Working closely with your florist on the decoration is key. Listening to them and understanding what is in season will help to ensure the floral decoration is elegant and complementary. Instead of insisting your bouquet and centrepieces match with bright blooms, ask your florist to choose complementary neutral blooms that will soften a colour scheme and then use the “non-floral” elements such as vases, candlesticks, candles, glasses, napkins or ribbons to show off your colour. This is often seen in the case of the colour blue. Very few flowers are blue naturally and the ones that are such as hydrangeas and delphiniums are extremely seasonal. Combining your colour palette with seasonal flowers and seasonally inspired decorative elements, such as evergreens and faux-fur (if you’re having a winter wedding), will actually make your wedding style complement the season without seeming overly themed.

What are your top three tips for planning a vibrant and colourful wedding or party?

  • Serve a signature cocktail that compliments your wedding décor.
  • Print invitations on coloured paper or use coloured ink on a neutral paper
  • Choose coloured lighting for the reception and dance floor.

Ready to plan your wedding? Have a chat with Antonia at Honour & Pop about bringing your vibrant and colourful wedding dreams to life!



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