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Hi! I’m Louise, Founder + Editor at B.LOVED.  It’s my mission to share exclusive content, modern style and the very best suppliers with you lovely brides to be, and I’m super lucky to have an amazing team of experts working alongside me to make sure that everything we feature here is not just pretty, inspiring and stylish, but also firmly aware of reality.  Yes, we like a touch of luxe, but everything is 100% achievable too.

To help you get started, I’ve asked Anna, wedding features writer and our go-to girl for all things wedding, to share her top three tips for getting started with your wedding planning!

Right then, let’s Get Started!

Oh my word! The b.loved team has been stupendously busy, beavering away behind the scenes to give you – *tadah* – the all new and shiny b.loved blog. D’you love it as much as we do? Louise has tirelessly worked at making this the best version it could possibly be, an exciting new way of guiding you through all things weddings.

My role will be to hold your b.sparkled hands, especially when it comes to the nuts and bolts of wedding planning, so you get to your wedding day cool, calm and collected as opposed to skidding into your ceremony with a bunch of frazzled nerves in tow.

So let’s get going, shall we, and start with my top three basics of wedding planning. There is almost no end to the advice that can be given, which would bore you to tears if I did it all in one go. So regard this as your ‘starting pointers’, all of which will be covered in glorious detail in future posts. Watch this space?

Let’s just assume you’ve been proposed to, you’re rocking the sparkly bling and you’ve put down the fizz long enough to get serious about planning your wedding. You may be either amongst those who furiously hurl themselves into it with gusto or you may have started out and gotten so terrified by the sheer choice on offer, you’re resembling that bunny caught in headlights.

Either way; “less haste, more speed”.

I’ll leave you to read on now but please know that, if you ever have a question you don’t find covered in my musings, you’re more than welcome to call/email/carrier pigeon me (I just don’t have a fax). You can find my details here. Anything to help solve a dilemma!

Love, rockets and positive wedding planning

— Anna

What’s your style, Baby?

I promise you can’t go wrong if you lock yourselves away for a weekend to think and talk about the kind of wedding day you have in mind. Not to throw a spanner in the works but for all you know, your ideas may vary so it’s a good idea to set the record straight from the start.

Draw inspiration from your lives, your décor, the things you love to do. Are you retro kinda people, quirky themes ‘n all, or more the city-slickly types who appreciate an über-glam and modern environment? Boho chic, all hay bales in a field? Church, Registrar or Celebrant? Think about weddings you’ve been to as guests and make a list of the things you loved and loathed.

The key is in the three: define (and agree on) three areas that are most important to you and then set these aside as the ones you will spend most of your budget on. This could mean that good food, an open bar and a rocking band are more important than a posh car or a designer gown, in which case you can forgo the latter. There is no right or wrong about this – what matters is that you agree on which areas you truly do want to spend your money on so you know how to prioritise and where to curb your spending.

Once you’ve got the basics nailed down, peruse our real weddings and styled shoots to see how different colour palettes can work with your style. This is the fun stage where the world is your oyster so enjoy!

And there’s plenty of inspiration right here –

Money makes the world go round

Having let you loose on all the fun bits, I have to rein you straight back in and talk cold hard cash. You’re going to have to figure out how to fund your wedding day. Is it your combined bank accounts that will be taking a beating or do you have some family support? Figure out what is the most you can realistically afford and then add a 10% buffer zone to it. If you don’t break into it, you’ll have extra spending money on your honeymoon.

And, this one’s an important one for me: please don’t even think about touching that credit card – do you really still want to be paying for your wedding day long after it’s all over?

Location, location, location

So you (roughly) know what kind of style you’re going for and you have an overall budget that will give you an idea of what you can and can’t afford. Is it going to be a plush marquee in your uncle’s garden? Always dreamed of that Stately Home or really cool disused buoy factory?

Looking for a wedding venue is a little bit like house hunting with Phil & Kirsty. You may well have a checklist of criteria you’d like ticked off but in reality, you’re unlikely to find the jackpot that meets them all.

Prioritisation (again) is the key here so you’re quite likely to have to choose between one or the other of these aspects:


Do you have an area that suits you best in terms of personal connection (where you grew up, first lived together or have always wanted to live) or transport links (how far do your families have to travel, do you have guests flying in from overseas or travelling by car)?


Have you always wanted a summer wedding? Is there a specific date you’d like to get married on? If you have your heart set on either of the above, you may need to be flexible with the venue.


Or have you simply fallen head over heels with that one particular venue? Hooray to you! It may just mean having to be flexible when it comes to finding the right date or having to book well in advance (sometimes up to two years) to make sure your preferred venue is available on your preferred date.


Are you planning to get married elsewhere or do you need a venue that is licensed for a civil ceremony? If it’s the latter, which rooms have been licensed and for how many guests? If it’s a summer wedding, is there an option for an outside wedding?

Overnighting it

Is it important for you to have a venue you and your guests can stay overnight at or are you happy to book into B&B’s, Hotels etc. nearby?


Traditionally, a lot of venues in the UK tend to shut up shop around midnight. If you want to dance the night away until the early hours, you’ll need to check if there is a late license to do just that.


Is it important to you to be able to bring your own suppliers along or are you happy to pick from a list of venue recommended suppliers? And while you’re asking that question, is there a corkage charge for bringing in your own alcohol?

Dry Hire – and what it means

There are venues that are able to offer you everything your need, from furniture to linen to catering, and then there are venues that (to varying degrees) fall into the ‘dry hire’ category. All that means is that they’ll have basic facilities in place but that you’ll need to source, set-up and manage every other aspect of your wedding day, from catering to equipment hire (possibly including portaloos) and everything else you need to create the wedding day that will make you both gloriously happy.

That ought to help you get started, to follow my monthly musings on B.LOVED (including top tips for finding your dream wedding team, and 5 wedding day fails you really want to avoid) just CLICK HERE to follow my latest posts!


Yoo Hoo, aren't you looking lovely today! So, I'm Anna and I'm your go-to girl for all things weddings, specifically on-the-day coordination. My best laid plan is to share a plethora of useful 'stuff' here to help get you through the wedding planning process unscathed. If you ever have any questions that you don't find covered, please get in touch, always happy to help. Pip pip!

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