How To Put Together Your Wedding Style

When you begin to plan your wedding and wondering just where to start, it’s always good to start with expert advice and today we have a brilliant feature from Wedding Planner Jenna Hewitt! Jenna takes you through the various elements needed to put together your own wedding style and shares some beautiful, modern inspirations she has created with Kitty Wheeler Shaw Photography too! Over to Jenna!

“What are the ingredients of putting together an amazing wedding celebration?  In my book there are two top of the list.  On one side is the planning; it takes an awful lot of it.  On the other, is the styling.  Putting together your wedding style sounds extremely fun and pretty but it can also be a lot harder than it looks to create something beautiful with style.  Today, in part one of a two part series, I’ll be helping you navigate where to start in putting together your ultimate wedding day design.

Let’s begin with the obvious question – what do I mean by wedding style?  Well, for me, it isn’t about one isolated element or part of your wedding; it is a look and feel that runs throughout your entire wedding from the stationery design, flowers, colour scheme, right the way through to dress choice, material and fabrics, even photographer choice.

There are lots of things that will influence your starting point when choosing your wedding style.  The first is who you are as a couple.  What’s important to you and what ‘feel’ do you want your wedding to have?  Are you laid back bohemian or is city chic more up your street?  What is your personal style (fashion, interiors, music etc.)?  Are you most likely to be found in jeans and cute T-shirt or suited and booted? Are you a labels person?  You get the point.  When I work with my couples this is exactly where I begin, swiftly followed by the venue choice.

Your venue choice is a really key one when it comes to influencing the style of your wedding. If rustic chic is your thing, it is unlikely you’ll pull this off in an urban warehouse. The good news is that most couples pick a venue that naturally leans towards their preferred style but there are still things to watch out for.  I’ll give an example from my own experience.  I am working with a wonderful couple this year designing and planning their wedding. They have booked a fabulous country hotel venue, which, from the outside, oozes ‘historic countryside grandeur’. Inside the décor couldn’t be more different – we are talking contemporary and BRIGHT.  It’s very cool.  Now this bride to be, by her own admission, is elegant when it comes to her own style.  She’s drawn to soft tones and more muted colours, all of which I love, but would look terribly out of place within the context of the venue.  The starting point of this couple’s styling was the reality check that, if they wanted to pull off something really special, they needed to work with the venue – contemporary brights was the way forward.



Just like venue matching, dress matching to your preferred style is also something to consider.  Dress shopping is likely to be top of your ‘to do’ list when it comes to your wedding planning and having an idea of the look you are after and the venue you want will play a massive part in deciding which wedding dress (or jumpsuit or two-piece) is the one for you.  In fact my advice would be not to even attempt to find ‘the dress’ until you’ve booked your venue.  I am convinced the awesome oracle that is Emma Meek of Miss Bush Bridal would agree with me here.

The time of year is another of the factors in helping guide your wedding style.  Specifically, I use it to influence the colour palette and material choices when I’m working on a wedding design. Rich hues of deep red, burgundy and purple could look horribly out of place in the summer.  They don’t match the nature of the season.  But, pop them into a winter wedding with some elements of gold and velvet fabrics, and you have something that could work exceptionally well.  Time of year is also important when you come to thinking about flower choice.  Take pampas grass, a big trend right now.  If you want natural pampas grass and your wedding is in July, good luck.  Pampas grass (as you see it on Pinterest pictures) is in season from end (ish) September.



To do my job brilliantly I need to work with a variety of different supplier types – from photographers to caterers to florists and cake makers.  But it is very rare that I choose the same supplier to work with for every one of my weddings.   This pretty much down to the fact all suppliers have their own style and I will always match my suppliers with the wedding theme.  Florists are a great example.  I have one wedding next year, which I’ve called ‘countryside, rustic luxe (I always like to capture a wedding theme with a title that nails what it’s all about).  For this I’m working with a florist who specialises in design heavily influenced by the countryside around her.  She sources locally grown seasonal flowers and has a wilder, floral style.  She’s the perfect match for this wedding.

Once you’ve started getting a handle on the style direction you are drawn to, start researching suppliers that match it.  Follow their Instagram posts, get a feel for them, and reassure yourself that their work resonates with you.  Ultimately it will be your supplier team who will bring your wedding aesthetic to life.  If you pick the wrong person from a style point of view, things will become so much harder – a bit like trying to force a square peg in a round hole.  The florist is an obvious one in this but so is your choice of photographer.  Photographers have very different styles.  Some prefer a lighter, brighter, ‘fine art’ approach.  Others take more ‘moody’ and slighter edgier images.  Others are drawn to people, capturing the emotions and the essence of the day.  Again, take the time to research.  Look at the type of weddings they photograph – do these gel with your style tendencies?



I love the creative aspect of wedding styling but I’m also a practical person so here is an example to bring this advice to life.  The images within this piece were taken from one of my styled shoots.  It’s a favourite one of mine because it captures my favoured style – luxury with a laid back edge.  The inspiration started with the venue, The Copse.  Set in the Oxfordshire countryside this venue is a stunning country house.  It has a magical beauty and charm that is outdoors with a laid back vibe and this was really integral to the tone that the styling took.  I choose 3 bridal looks for the shoot, all very different, but all in keeping with the theme and all with a hint of bohemian.  Anything too structured, too full wouldn’t have worked. On to my favourite part – the colour palette.  The time of year was a huge influence.  This was a largely outdoor shoot at a countryside venue in the autumn.  The nature was full of earthy tones, reds, oranges, autumnal gorgeousness at its best!   At this stage I had a pretty clear direction in my mind (outdoors, earthy, autumnal, bohemian luxe) and I needed to start to pull together my team.  Photographer and florist choice changed several times to get the right fit in Kitty Wheeler Shaw and Jen Edmonds of Willowgold but it was entirely worth it.



In part two of my styling series for the fabulous B.LOVED I’ll be bringing you advice on how to capture and communicate your wedding style.  I’ll be talking Moodboard creation and bringing your ideas to life – with minimal stress and effort and, of course, maximum style!”




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