It’s time to meet another of our real brides for 2016, the gorgeous Kylee, who as well as a bride-to-be is also a very talented wedding photographer (check out her work here).  She’s kicking off her B.LOVED diary with her proposal story – talk about romantic!! I’m not going to give anything away, but it’s fair to say Kylee is one lucky lady.  And her husband-to-be? Well, he’s a keeper!

Read on lovelies… you may need your hanky for this one!

I met Ricky at a time of my life when the last thing I was looking for was a relationship.  It was meant to be the time for me to focus on my business, and myself.  Men were not on the agenda but fate had other plans for me.

Ricky likes to tell people that we met on a roof and I ‘fingered’ him.   Yes, that’s his story, but let me explain! I was in NYC on holiday and I was out celebrating a friend’s birthday, painting the town red.  Our last stop was a rooftop bar called 230 5th.  After a cocktail too many, I was happily talking to my friend when someone walked past me and said ‘Hey beautiful’.  Super cheesy I know, but something about the way he said it made it feel really genuine.  He didn’t wait to see my reaction however and kept on walking past.  Not actually having caught a glimpse of his face, I asked my friend to verify whether he was cute.  Her response was that ‘he looks like Ben Harper’.  With that I decided I must meet this person!  So I went on a hunt for this Ben Harper-esque looking guy and finally spotted him from afar.  When I caught his eye I decided to motion him over using my finger (hence his story) – this was definitely a result of liquid courage!   I laughed at him as he approached as he completely abandoned the group of people he had been talking to without a word and came straight over. I also realised that I should never have trusted a drunken friend’s opinion – he looked nothing like Ben Harper!  But it didn’t matter…because he had this warm smile, crazy cool hair and a calming presence that led me to talk to him for the rest of the night.  To cut a long story short, I guess you could say that he had me at ‘hug’.  He is a great hugger and it was at our first hug, near the end of the night, that you could say I knew I had found someone special.  I know that sounds nauseatingly clichéd and cheesy, but for whatever reason, our relationship has been full of those kind of moments.

We managed to spend some time together over my last few days in NYC before I had to head back to London.  Ricky happily played tourist with me.  We went to a baseball game, Top of the Rock and checked out many different restaurants and bars together.  I remember thinking how crazy it was to feel so instantly connected and comfortable with someone.

Ricky and I kept in touch and he ended up visiting me in London two weeks after I left.  I think we were both really nervous about finding out whether what we had was real or not.  But as soon as I saw him, my nerves disappeared.

With both of us having experience with long distance relationships, we had both previously said we would never do it again.  Well, like they say, never say never!  Ricky’s trip to London really cemented our relationship and after that we continued our long distance relationship involving many hours talking on Skype.

For over a year Ricky and I made our relationship work with many trips back and forth between NYC, London and Melbourne.  In November last year, I flew to NYC to cheer him on as he ran the NYC marathon.  I wanted to be there to see him finish his first ever marathon.  I decided it would be a good idea to get grandstand tickets hoping that this would guarantee me having a good view so that I could take some photos of him (obviously!).  Little did I know that on top of his marathon training, he had also been scheming behind the scenes.   The day before the marathon was actually Halloween. Ricky knew how excited I was about experiencing my first American Halloween. So we slapped together a Halloween costume together that was a great representation of our relationship (#longdistancesucks) and we decided to head out to the NYC Halloween parade. We got many compliments on our costume, with many people feeling like it was an opening for them to tell us all about their long distance relationship! Little did we know that we would get stuck walking in the parade for about 3hours, unable to leave as the roads were all closed off – all that walking is a big ‘no no’ for someone who is planning to run a marathon the next day!

Despite that, Ricky started the marathon off strong.  There is an app that allows you track runners and up until the 19th mile I thought he was on track to meet his time goal.  Then suddenly he stopped moving and I got worried that maybe he was injured.  After a while however the little dot on the app started moving again and I was wondering whether he was going to be able to finish.  It turns out that he had suffered from some pretty bad cramping.  So when I eventually saw him approaching I was just so happy to see that he was so close to the finish line.

He stopped to give me a kiss and I thought he would just continue on to finish.  Instead, he reached into his pocket and got down on one knee.  I was shocked to tears as he asked me to marry him and I’ll be honest I don’t remember if I could even manage a ‘yes’ or if I just nodded…all I remember is being overwhelmed with surprise and so many happy emotions.  The poor guy cramped getting up from being on one knee and went on to finish the marathon as everyone around us clapped and cheered for us.  At that point I realised how many people were watching and felt completely self-conscious! Press play to watch the proposal!

bloved-wedding-blog-real-bride-diary-new-york-marathon-proposal (7)I found out after he finished his race that Ricky had actually designed and made the ring himself with his own two hands, with the help and guidance of an expert jeweller.  The shape of the band of the ring was designed to look like the infinity symbol, and it is such a beautiful ring.  The thought and effort that he put into it means so much to me, and every time I look at it I can’t help but smile and know how lucky I am.

I honestly can’t wait to start the rest of my life with Ricky; I know it’s going to be one grand adventure!


I’m an Australian wedding photographer currently splitting my time between London, Melbourne and NYC. I’m a free spirit, fun-loving, ‘wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve’ kind of girl. More than anything, I love my family. I love smiles – big sincere ones. I love the sparkle in someone’s eye when they are thinking something cheeky. I love deep hugs (and hate those *tap tap* pat-on-the-back hugs – YOU know what I mean!). I suffer from constant wanderlust. After my boyfriend proposed at the New York Marathon I found myself planning my own wedding - and I'm excited to share the adventure on B.LOVED! Find me at too!

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