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Trending: The Rebirth of Baby’s Breath as a Wedding Flower

Baby’s breath (Gypsophila paniculata, also known as gyp) has been used at weddings and other celebrations for decades. Traditionally, it has been used to fill negative space or as a filler for more vibrant blooms however, baby’s breath has recently been taking a new role on centre stage.

This bloom in the carnation family is a species of perennial plant which means it is both widely available and easy on the wallet. Its delicate flower is symbolic of everlasting love, pureness, and innocence. All of this makes baby’s breath the PERFECT floral choice for weddings. 

A Gyp Renaissance

Up until recently use of baby’s breath was pretty uninspiring. However, thanks to some forward thinking floral designers, baby’s breath is back and trending hard. This bloom owes its rebirth to the uber creative team behind Rodarte’s 2018 Spring/Summer runway collection in which baby’s breath was incorporated into hair crowns, armbands and even wearable garlands. 


Vogue said the following on the use of baby’s breath in Rodarte’s runway collection:

“But mostly there was baby’s breath—yes, real baby’s breath—which traditionally plays the role of the crowd when red roses star in prom corsages and bodega bouquets. Models’ hair was covered in it, as were a few of the loveliest dresses, and many of the girls walked the runways dragging massive bouquets of the white fluff behind them.” 

On Trend

Since the Rodarte show, baby’s breath has been having a renaissance of sorts. We have seen a slow but steady increase in the use of baby’s breath at weddings. This trend includes bold baby’s breath floral clouds and dyed ombre baby’s breath installations and bouquets. We’ve seen it add an ethereal touch to cakes, flower crowns, floral arches and altars. 

Ask the Expert

If you don’t believe us, ask the expert! B.LOVED spoke with UK-based florist, Sarah Gibbons from Orchard Blooms, about baby’s breath wedding flowers and how she has seen this trend blossom.

How have you seen the use of baby’s breath wedding flowers change in the past few years?

Baby’s breath (otherwise known as Gypsophilia) is a floral trend that until now… hasn’t really been a trend. What has always been a filler flower, is very quickly becoming a fashion forward, on trend floral sensation!

With its newfound beauty, this subtle bloom is demonstrating its versatility to florists and couples everywhere! From its natural look of pure white fluffiness, to the bright eye-catching colours and luxurious ombre effects, baby’s breath is no longer hiding in the shadows!

Over the last decade, weddings have become more personalised. The days of all inclusive wedding packages are dwindling, with many couples hand picking their favourite suppliers to help them create their special day.

Couples are willing to throw out the rule book and create something more adventurous, individual and personal to them. Many couples are looking for ways to show their love and aspects of their relationship in other their wedding details, not just the vows. As baby’s breath symbolises everlasting love, trust and romance, it is the perfect flower for a modern wedding.

What are the benefits of using this flower for weddings and other celebrations?

This delicate bloom looks beautiful in vast quantities hanging from the ceiling or climbing the walls to a single steam in a bud vase. The main benefit of using baby’s breath is its ability to look different with every use! With a wide range or colour options which pair perfectly with other focal flowers and its ability to still look gorgeous when dried, this flower can heighten any wedding or celebration!  

We’ve noticed baby’s breath being used for flower clouds and in dyed ombre flower crowns/wreaths and table arrangements. Are there any other noteworthy uses of this flower that you are seeing trending?                  

Over the past few years, baby’s breath has been used in luxurious large-scale installations, mesmerizing floral clouds, delicate and feminine bouquets and ombre flower crowns. As if these installations and pieces haven’t been enchanting enough, many couples are requesting Gypsophila lined staircases in grand venues, boldly lined aisles for the charming garden wedding and ombre bud vases displaying single steams of gyp adding that pop of colour to any reception room. 

What are your tips for working with baby’s breath as wedding flowers?

I must admit that I used to look upon baby breath with an air of dislike. I associated it with funerals, cheap supermarket bouquets and old fashioned wedding flowers. Now, every time I visit the flower market, it catches my eye and I wonder what else I can create with it!

My personal recommendation when working with baby’s breath is to go big or go home! Have fun with its texture, shape and whimsical structure. Pair it with both fresh and dried flowers, use it on tables, in bouquets, on climbing staircases and cascading down floral pillars… use it everywhere including buttonholes and magnificent ombre flower crowns. 


Feature Image Credit: @the.inlove.photographers




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