Reuma + Yoel: The Vine and Horizon Wedding Dress Collections

We’re so delighted to share with you a beautiful wedding dress designer and two of her latest lovely collections as well as an exclusive interview! Reuma + Yoel is a contemporary label with an array of designs to suit Brides looking for something detailed and full of character! Her collections would suit Bride’s dreaming of a romantic look with vintage inspirations, and a bohemian edge! Here’s our interview with Reuma;

What is Reuma and Yoel’s style?
Inspired from the vintage lace and textile, Reuma and Yoel style has a very classic essence, in terms of harmony, noble simplicity and calm glamour. However, this essence gets a contemporary, original and artistic expression, with unique handcrafted mixed lace techniques.

Tell us about the background of Reuma + Yoel and what inspired you to create the label
My elder child’s birth, in 2001, made me feel the need of being a full time mother. Until then, I was a management consultant. Though I loved my work, I felt that keep working at this field, wouldn’t be fair to my clients, my baby nor to myself, since my heart and mind were already somewhere else. I realised I had to make a change. Art, of all forms, always had a very big part in my life and in my being; ballet dancing, painting, sculpturing etc. I looked at this challenging situation as an opportunity to combine art also in my professional life. After strenuous thinking, I decided to offer an alternative to the traditional wedding dress of that time.

I started collecting antique and vintage wedding dresses with a unique, most beautiful and classic presence. Back in 2001, this thought was new and unconventional, nothing I knew or heard before.  I had no idea or guarantee that this idea will be loved or will actually work. However, I had a strong belief that it will. Looking backwards, the vintage collection, has laid the foundation for me to become a designer, after years of learning style and techniques from the original pieces.

We adore your beautiful Horizon Collection! Tell us about the inspiration behind it and what sort of Bride would wear this collection.
For me, the Horizon collection was a self-challenge. I tried to demonstrate at each dress, the original intricate work and yet, to keep it harmonic and classic. Visually wise, this collection phrases both our brand unique style and also its future direction. This is also the reason I called it Horizon… Most of my brides are usually delicate and very much aware of art and design (in fact, many of them are artists and designers). They notice and appreciate the unique details and the kind of work involved in creating these dresses.

Your dresses have the most incredible detailing and textures – tell us about the style of this and the process of creating these intricate details.
Thank you .. well… in an auto-didactic learning and exploring, along with constant search for authentic expression, I began to develop unique working methods. These methods, as well as the specific interaction I have with my brides, gradually enabled me to create an original work. Creating these details is much like drawing each fabric from scratch for each individual bride and then bringing this drawing to life, by combining in harmony, laces of different techniques, fabrics, beads and other materials. These original intricate handcrafted, lace creations, has become over the years, very identified with our brand.

What are your 3 most popular wedding gowns?
Over the years, I have created a few wedding gowns that were very popular. These wedding gowns continue to exist in different variations. One of the most popular designs, was worn by Israel’s biggest fashionista, the beautiful talented actress and model  Yuval Scharf, on her wedding day, a few years ago. This dress is still referred to as one of Israel’s most beautiful and beloved wedding dress.

Because Reuma + Yoel is new to Europe, how do Brides find out more and where will you be stocked
To find out more, brides are welcome to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and website. They are more than welcome to contact me directly with any question, by phone or Email. At least for a start, the dresses will be offered directly from me, by appointments, in London. Before considering more stocking options, I feel I need to get to know the English bride in person. I know this personal touch fills you with Ideas, inspiration and a sense of satisfaction. I don’t want to miss that and I’d like the European Bride to feel it as well.





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