Today’s post should really come with a warning – it contains a super, super cute dog that totally steals the show! There’s also a gorgeous couple and a really cute love story, so really it has everything you could possibly need.

So without further ado, here’s Stevie and Claudia’s fabulous riverside engagement shoot, beautifully captured by Terri from Summer Lily Photography.

From Claudia…

Stevie and I have known each other since the age of about 12 when we attended the same school. For years, Stevie was just that really annoying boy in Geography who would try and stick pencil crayons into the back of my ballet bun without me noticing. We eventually started dating at the end of Sixth Form and things were great. However, like all good romance novels there is always a heartbreaking twist…ours soon came when Stevie went to University in Nottingham and I went to a dance school in London. Sadly (I was more sad than him I think!), we broke up and went our separate ways for over seven years. Bumping into each other every so often and just giving each other a smile or a wave from afar, each time as heart wrenching as the previous encounter. I think we always knew we would end up together again someday, and that day finally came. Our first date (the second time round), was a dog walk with Bondi (my doggy). It was a gorgeous day and we sat on a bench for hours just chatting, laughing, and for me, realising that this was completely meant to be.

Five years later and we were engaged. Stevie took me to my favourite place, Menorca. We had both had wonderful family holidays there growing up and it really was just perfect. I had anticipated the proposal (girls intuition), and knew the night that he wore his “new holiday outfit”, was “the” night. I popped my best dress on and then just waited…and waited…and waited…it was the most wonderful moment of my entire life and a memory and feeling that we will both treasure. Even though it was not a huge surprise, it does not take away from how over-whelming that moment really is. Just beautiful.


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