Romantic Autumn Wedding Ideas with Rich Palette and Rustic Luxe Feel

B.LOVED Edit Member The Wildflower Wedding Planner share’s her inspiration for a romantic Autumn wedding on the blog today along with her expert advice! “We wanted to create a romantic and whimsical inspired shoot by The Menagerie Lifestyle, with inspiration taken from the natural beauty of the woodland setting at Upthorpe Wood. The berries growing in the hedgerow, the leaves turning brown and the warm glow of the sun being lower in the sky. We wanted to incorporate raw, earthy materials that worked with the woodland setting, rather than working against it, but to also demonstrate how to add a touch of luxe to a rustic environment.

Autumn is the perfect time to embrace a rich colour palette, and this shoot was very much built around seasonal flowers and the hedgerow berries, which became a key element of this shoot and featured in the bouquet, stationery and even our bride’s hair. We worked with a colour palette of berry tones and dusky pinks– Katy from Bracken & Twine had a collection of vintage amber glass which added extra warmth and was a beautiful contrast to red tones. Less is more when it comes to utilising a richer colour palette. I would suggest having one or two elements that feature the bold colours, and pair with more muted tones to soften the overall look for a more romantic feel.

I had admired Katy of Bracken & Twine’s work for some time and couldn’t wait to work with her on this concept. Katy and I agreed that organic and natural floral design was crucial to work with the setting. Katy created a beautiful ceremony backdrop installation, which she weaved through existing branches to make it look like it had been there all along. Katy utilised seasonal blooms, plum coloured foliage and of course the berries to achieve the organic look. The bouquet was absolute stunning and was abundant with texture and she created a berry garland for our bride to wear in her hair which added to the whimsical feel of the shoot.


  • Embrace the natural colour palette and utilise seasonal flowers
  • Think about warm, romantic lighting as daylight starts to fade earlier. Candles and lanterns will add a lovely inviting glow for your guests.
  • Include a variety of texture throughout your styling. Think wood, raw organic linens, textured stationery, and lush seasonal flowers and foliage.




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