A Rustic French Wedding (In Sneakers)

Gwendoline and Olivier’s rustic French wedding held amongst the chaos of 2020 was a breath of fresh air. This year, engaged couples across the world have encountered countless complications—forget throwing a spanner in the works, the entire toolbox and the garden shed have all been chucked in! 

There’s very little point in denying how frustrating all these rules, regulations and cancellations have been. But, even in this staggeringly atypical year, it has been our immense pleasure to see so many beautiful surprises, thoughtful reinventions, and incredibly kind newlyweds, who have still been able to tie the knot in a gorgeous ceremony.

One such couple is the stylish duo, Gwendoline and Olivier, who said “Oui!” in September, in a ceremony that had a level of enchantment we would never have thought possible over lockdown.  

This rustic French wedding felt like an intimate tour of Nice’s historic locations—from the very start of the day, with the preparation of the bride in Hôtel Beau Rivage, to the ceremony held at the Monastery of Cimiez, and the evening’s location of the Château Font du Broc

Then, after a wedding filled with emotion and tenderness at the Monastery of Cimiez, the bride and groom headed for a couple’s photoshoot, cocktail and dinner in the Var, within the heart of the wonderful Château Font du Broc.


The couple radiated simple, timeless glamour in keeping with the day’s magnificent locations. 

Gwendoline’s makeup was done by her sister, Coraline Marque. The Backstage Institute, located in Nice, was in charge of the hair design.The bride looked stunning in her delicate dress, which was created by the designer Marie Laporte. Her shoes were from Dessine-moi un soulier

Then, after a busy day, in order to make the most out of the elegant dinner hosted by Gaudefroy Catering and the evening concocted by Mix & Light, Gwendoline decided to swap her heeled shoes for a chic pair of sneakers, that were specially made for the wedding.

To add the finishing touch to the outfit, jewellery was selected from Sylvie’s Atelier, and the bridal bouquet was made by Les Fleuristes in Nice.

Olivier wore a sleek suit from Keitel, and shoes from Father & Sons.

There’s so much to love about the stylish touches that the couple incorporated into this rustic French wedding. To conclude this day with a final, beautifully sentimental finish, in the middle of the tables (decorated by Les Fleuristes), Gwendoline and Olivier waltzed together in the ballroom. It was a stunning, simple yet deeply romantic conclusion to the day. 


  • What a brilliant idea to swap heeled shoes for a pair of sneakers (and these weren’t just any sneakers, these specially made trainers marked with their wedding date were just as stylish as the heels!). 
  • The combination of the table bouquets made by Les Fleuristes and the stationery by Wood’s Faire Part were an elegant set with rustic French wedding vibes hat really uplifted the table design.
  • How could we not talk about the location? It just goes to show that when you choose places like this for a ceremony, the grandeur speaks for itself. 




Photography: Thomas Audiffren // Venue: Château Font du Broc // Venue: Hôtel Beau Rivage // Wedding Dress: Marie Laporte // Bride’s Shoes: Dessine-moi un soulier // Suit: Keitel Cannes // Groom’s Shoes: Father & Sons // Hair Design: Institut Backstage (Nice) // Makeup: Coraline Marque // Stationery: Wood’s Faire Part // Catering: Gaudefroy Réception // Jewellery: L’atelier de Sylvie // Flowers: Les Fleuristes (Nice) // Rings: Gemmyo // DJ and Lights: Mix & Light // Dancing Lesson: L’Danse (Nice)