We don’t hear from the groom’s enough here on BLOVED, so I’m delighted to introduce you to Chris today – our Rustic Bride’s fiance – who’s giving us the lowdown on the all-important groomswear for their big day later this month. We were super lucky to be invited to join Chris and his groomsmen for a lads afternoon at Moss Bros. to get an exclusive peek at what really goes on when suit shopping with the boys…

It’s fair to say I’m feeling the pressure stepping up to blog on behalf of the ‘Rustic Luxe Bride’, or as I know her, Gabi. So here goes. I’m primarily here to talk about the wonderful attire our groomsmen will be wearing on the day of the wedding, but first I thought I’d give you a quick insight into how the last 17 months of planning (wow, has it really been that long?) have been from my perspective. It’s been awesome! Yep, it really has.

Right from day one, Gabi and I sat down and discussed what was important to us, what wasn’t, and the stuff we cared about but were happy for the other person to manage (flowers!). This simple but effective wish list has helped us to avoid too many conflicts (don’t mention long table gate!) and ensured that we’ve divided the many (many, many) tasks to ensure we’re both responsible for the stuff that we care about most. So far, you’ll have read quite a bit about the aspects Gabi is particularly passionate about (like flowers and cake, décor and the dress!!, while for me I’ve been working on the things I was most interested in – the wedding ‘branding’ (I work in marketing), the entertainment (I love a gimmick) and the gents attire (we’re a vain bunch).

Now sadly, I can’t give away too much on the first two as we want there to be plenty of surprises for the guests on the day (pictures later, I promise), but I can reveal all on the suits. So, first of all I should start by admitting something. I cheated. Whilst many grooms will stress, research, test, try and consider a number of different concepts for their groomsmen attire, I am lucky to have an expert in the family. Or at least I will soon. My brother-in-law-to-be, Gabi’s twin sisters husband (still with me?) just happens to be head of menswear designer at leading fashion brand Reiss. So I talked to him. His name is Alex. We talked about traditional tails vs classic. Alex said classic. We debated the merits of a three-piece. Alex said yes to the dress (waistcoat). We discussed blues and greys. Alex said navy blue. We debated buying vs renting. Alex said buy your own, rent the others. We discussed extras. Brown shoes and pocket squares were agreed. All it took was one pint and our suit style was agreed. A month later and I stumbled upon exactly the look we were looking for.

So with my suit sorted all that left were my five groomsmen – where to begin! Gabi had spotted a new Moss Bros. collection during one of her (many) hours of research… Moss Bros. have just launched a new range of ‘Lounge Lizard’ suits from Ted Baker, classic in style but with a modern (slim) fit, I immediately thought it would be perfect for my best men (x2) and ushers (x3). The navy would work well against the blush pink colour scheme Gabi has chosen for the day and the suits had none of the ‘shiny’ look that I was keen to avoid. Whilst the suits looked great in the magazines and online, the real proof is in what they look like ‘on’.

Especially for BLOVED, Moss Bros. were kind enough to invite us in on a Sunday morning before opening time to their stunning Regent Street store to try them on in private and Gabi organised the fabulous Julie Michaelsen to capture the moment – what can I say Julie you did a great job! Sorry for our ‘lad’ behaviour! The whole experience was fantastic. Firstly, it was a really fun couple of hours. With a couple of notable exceptions (did I mention one of the ushers designs suits for a living?) most of the lads aren’t particularly used to wearing suits, and even less so when there is a professional photographer taking snaps throughout the process so for me, the fact that all the guys really stepped up to the mark was really great to see.The Moss Bros. guys – store manager Lee, and George, were both absolutely fantastic giving sensible, well delivered advice without being patronising, and embracing the fun atmosphere of the morning.

And, most importantly of all of course, the suits looked fantastic… on all of the guys. Well fitted but comfortable, the guys all looked and felt really sharp. Gabi was there to give her seal of approval (naturally!) and choose the all important tie and pocket square colour… can a tie really be too pink?! We left the stylish Regents Street store with a spring in our step. Alex is designing my suit (thanks Al) and I can’t wait to be stood next to the guys and my new wife (!) on the big day looking our best. Our sharpest best.

Chris x


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