She Lives in the Moment

Being confident and living authentically are qualities we admire and champion. So, when Rasia Zwart Photography send us her beautiful Bridal shoot on the Island of Ibiza –  we loved her inspiration of a Bride who is herself and with that she is strong and majestic! Something so many of us strive to be! Here, Raisa tells us more about this, and below the beautiful images you’ll find a poem she loved which fits with this story perfectly.

“Ibiza is a magical island. People who live or visit there feel free, they can be themselves 100% and make their own choices. The sea strengthens this idea, this feeling. Our shoot shows a powerful bride, a bride who knows what she wants and stands for what she believes. She lives in the moment. A real power bride. Colour inspirations of White, silver, taupe, oyster grey and blush pink. Inspired by the the ocean, and the island. Using the materials linen, glass, crystal, rocks and pearls.”

Leave your worries by the shore line,
And run your bare feet through the sand,
Let the water be a soft bed,
When you cannot bear to stand,
Make friends with flying seagulls,
And hold the sun up on your palm,
Before you duck beneath the water,
Where the world is mute and calm,
Tell the fish all of your problems,
As they all come swimming past,
When your lungs are close to bursting,
Swim above the waves and gasp,
Let the water hold your sadness,
And wash it right out to the sea,
So like a message in a bottle,
All your worries are set free,
And the sea might make you feel alone,
But the world has troubles too,
For how else do you suppose,
That the ocean got so blue?
– e.h.




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