Getting the balance right between the wedding style for you and your partner can be a tricky. Particularly if you are a ‘girly girl’, marrying a ‘man’s man’. Dominique seems to have hit the nail on the head with her simply stripy affair, peppered with soft pinks and navy blues.

The Barefoot Brunettes were on hand to capture Dominique and Barry’s big day in all of its glory…

Your love story 

Barry and I met via a mutual friend way back in 2008. It wasn’t an especially romantic meeting. We were introduced during a night out, I liked him (and he claims chased after him which is still up for debate) and we kept in touch. We were then both invited on a weekend away together, stole a kiss during a power outage in the middle of a game of Trivial Pursuit and as they say the rest is history!

Wedding inspiration

I can’t say that I absolutely remember where the colour or style choices came from but I am 99% sure Pinterest had something to do with it.

Coupled with the fact that Barry is a man’s man and I am a girly girl I decided that a mix of navy blue and light pink was a really good representation of us both.

As for the style, I wanted it simple, unfussy, elegant and fun. I love stripes and chevron so we brought in small elements of those with the runners and stationary and kept everything else really simple.


Gabrielskloof is gorgeous inside and out and from the minute Barry and I walked in when going to view it we absolutely knew it was perfect for us. It was the first and only venue we went to view. We wanted a small, intimate space (which is actually really hard to find in Cape Town) that would really allow our guests to feel relaxed and apart of every moment of our day. We wanted the atmosphere fun and festive and this is exactly what Gabrielskloof offered along with AMAZING food and excellent service.

What you and your wedding party wore:

My wedding dress was absolutely not what I had thought I would pick but the moment I put it on I felt like it suited the vision I had for my day perfectly. A little bit sparkly, a little bit girly and very comfy. I went away, thought about it, and when I called back they had one more available in my size in the country. I decided to buy it then and there and call the search off (wedding dress shopping can be totally overwhelming!)

The bridesmaids each had their own dress made up. They were given navy blue and long as their guidelines and they each came up with their own unique and beautiful dress design. I thought the result was absolutely gorgeous, they all looked amazing.

My groom wore a grey Polo Suit sourced for him by Rozanne of Moi Styling while his groomsmen all wore navy blue Carducci Suits also sourced by Moi Styling. Their ties and pocket hankies were navy blue and navy blue and white stripes respeciately.

They accessorized with custom made badge style boutonnières and brown shoes and belts.

The Ceremony

The whole ceremony was pretty overwhelming and special. It was held in Gabrielskloof’s on-site chapel which has the most beautiful view and is just really intimate and beautiful. Walking down the aisle was incredibly emotional for me and for everyone in attendance I think. I lost my dad a few years ago so decided to honour him and do it alone (which in itself is pretty scary!) There were SO many tears when I looked around and I really struggled to keep it together but once I got to my groom I think all the nerves and emotions settled for the both of us and we were able to really relax and take it all in from that point. We both wrote and read our own vows that we had hand written in our personalised vow booklets. Along with the tears there were also plenty of laughs though, I think we got the balance of tears and laughs just right.

The flowers and details

4 Every Event did all of our décor, lighting and flowers and they got the vision just right. I wanted small simple flower arrangements and unfussy tables that were simple but still pretty and interesting.

We did make our own custom seed packets for guest favours and all of my gorgeous stationary was done by my friend and super talented designer Lizl of Soapberry Design. I think all of the stationary like the paddle fans and custom name badges really added a personalised feeling and made everyone feel special and considered, well I at least hope so.

My two favourite décor items had to be the incredible ladder seating chart and the custom made cupcake stand complete with the most delicious cupcakes made by a friend of ours as our wedding gift.

Any advice for other brides?

The first one would have to be: hire a co-ordinator. All you should be doing on the day of your wedding is relaxing, sipping on champers, feeling loved and having fun with your bridesmaids.

The second would be: savour every moment of it. Don’t wish it away. The planning can be so stressful but it is worth every single second. I burst into tears when our night had come to an end because I was just not ready for it to be over. It is just that much fun!

Dance, drink lots of champagne, spend time with your favourite people in the world and forget about insignificant details because in all honesty they do not matter. Let it all go and just have the time of your life.


Emma K

I’m Emma, co-founder and editor of where I dedicate much of my time to encouraging people to live life to the full and say ‘yes’ a little more. But with a background in weddings (waitressing since I was 12 years old for my Mum’s catering business, and dabbling in wedding blogging), I am delighted to find a second home here at BLOVED