Social Gifting: A Wedding Gift That Means a Lot But Doesn’t Cost A Thing!

Hi Lovelies! Let Me fill you in on a little life update – my Fiancé and I just bought our first home! It’s been such a whirlwind of excitement and a great milestone we wanted to accomplish in our long engagement before making any further wedding plans. After almost a year of sales falling through we found a house with the perfect  garden which was really important to us. After all you can change the decor but not the location right! So, we found ourselves planning a house renovation – and it isn’t for the faint hearted!

This is something so many couples are opting to do, and not just for their first homes – but with each working, it is a hard task! It pushed us to our limits, it pushed our relationship with compromises and arguments but also in holding eachother up when it all got too much and the incredible tiredness won’t lift.

It really hit home to us how incredibly important it is to have supportive people around you, any time but especially for the big things in life like this. Things that made such a huge difference for us were both little and big. From a home cooked meal we hadn’t had to think about – and was so wonderful after eating so badly with takeaways for weeks, to dog sitting for us or siblings helping us move big pieces of furniture on moving day and parents helping us to build a fireplace!

It’s true what they say – every little helps!


This is why I’m so over the moon, thrilled, and excited to hear about the idea of Social Gifting for your wedding gift list! It means that friends and family without a big budget can give you something you absolutely need, that means so much – and without costing a penny! I just love so much the idea of giving your time or being able to ask for something that might really make a difference to your life.

For instance for me this could mean that we include on our Gift Registry for guests to choose from the following Social Gifts as well as your gift list of goodies;

  • I promise to babysit your dogs for one weekend this year so that you can visit family on the other side of the country ( Yehy for saving money on expense kenneling fees and that my furbabies don’t have to be sad in kennels)
  • I promise to help you with a full day of gardening help when you make it over ( Yehy for the help on what is going to be one of our next big parts of our renovation, landscaping! )

Or perhaps there are causes dear to your hearts that family and friends could help by your Social Gifting too. For Me as a huge animal lover and dog parents to two rescue dogs, this would be wonderful to do something to do with animal rescue or the sanctuary where we found our little darlings.

  • I promise to help out at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuaries Open Day
  • I promise to walk a dog each month at my local animal sanctuary


There are of course heaps of charities which mean so much to couples and there are so many ways in which friends and family can make a generous gift of their time to help. From raising awareness to joining in sponsored events or even the act of giving blood. You can sit down with your Fiancé and discuss different ways in which your friends and family can make a wonderful contribution to your lives, or causes close to your hearts which will helps others lives too!

I can’t tell you how much this warms my heart and just think of all the happiness the wave of social gifting can spread this year and beyond!

Given the option, if someone close to Me was getting married, I’d love to be able to contribute in this way, perhaps even as an additional gift, and it made me think about being more open and putting it out there to your nearest and dearest what you really need in life and what’s truly important to you. When do you get the chance to do that and it’s that a great thing to know a couple on that level?

For me, I have certain things I struggle with and it would really change my life if I opened up about them and asked for help with them by social gifting and who knows – perhaps those promises would create closer bonds and something more regular that you help people with. For instance, I work in a laptop based lifestyle where I’m often alone. This can feel isolating at times and if one of my social gifts was a monthly coffee, or a monthly Sunday morning walk in the countryside – it would really be something that broke this up for me.

So, if you’d like to know more or want to add Social Gifting to your wedding gift list, there are some brilliant options already available to choose from at Prezola, and you can of course create your own!

Visit Prezola to create your Gift Registry here at




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