Flowers. I literally couldn’t imagine a world without them, let alone a wedding. I’m slightly obsessed with all things floral – especially when it comes to wedding decor. I’m also slightly obsessed with Joanne Truby. I’ve been stalking her floral style for a long time now, and just love her eye for colour and attention to detail.

Today super florist Joanne is talking all about spring wedding flowers – how to choose them, what works together and how to make your wedding flowers stand out from the crowd.

Spring is such a wonderful time of the year to get married, particularly in terms of flowers as there are so many beautiful varieties around. Ranunculus with its gorgeous ruffled like petals seem to get even more pretty as time goes on and they open up more. They are one of my new favourite flowers (being a florist I am rather fickle with my flower favourites ;0). Cloni Ranunculus is also available too, what are these I hear you ask? They are giant sized ranunculus a little on the pricey side BUT they are absolutely stunning and would definitely add the ‘wow’ factor to your bridal bouquets and button holes.

Anemones are also available during the spring months and are equally beautiful too with their poppy like black centres. They tend to come in white, reds, pink and purple tones. Vibrant Icelandic Poppies is another superb flower available for a very fleeting time during the spring monthsso you really have to enjoy them whilst you can. They’re really versatile too as they would work wonderfully in larger oversized bouquets as well as in table centre designs and larger urn arrangements. Blossom is also available in abundance during Spring and works well when mixed with other flowers but equally placed in an arrangement on their own they create a statement

Another special feature that a lot of spring flowers have is their wonderful scent. I would say that spring actually has the most choice of scented flowers available more so then the other seasons, closely followed by summer. Lilac, Tuberose, Muscari, Hyacinth, Narcissus and Stocks all have the most beautiful scent. I think wherever possible include scented blooms within your bouquets as it is lovelyto have something fragrant especially when you will be holding your bouquet throughout the day.

With so many gorgeous flower varieties available during Spring time my advice would be to choose flowers which are seasonal to the time of year that you are getting married. Choosing flowers that are out of season is more expensive one of the reasons being as they are not as easily available; the quality often isn’t as good either as the flowers are not at their ‘peak’.

For more cost effective flowers you could opt for daffodils and narcissus as these are cheaper than a lot of the other varieties especially if sourced by local British growers. I totally love the ‘peach charm’ variety at the moment with their white outside petals and gorgeous peach centre.

Spring time is a fabulous time of the year for Tulips too and they come in such a wide array of colours and types two of my favourites being Parrot and Fringed Tulips. Did you know that Tulips are one of the few flowers that actually continue to grow even after they have been cut? Something we florists have to bear in mind when using them in arrangements ;-)

Mixing your spring flower choices with other filler flowers, twigs and branches adds to the interest, texture and movement within your arrangements  – like for example hypericum berries and roses, which are in season all year round.

Depending on when exactly in spring you are getting married you could even mix your spring flowers with other seasonal flowers as some varieties often overlap for a brief period. If you’re getting married in early spring at the beginning of March then you most likely will be able to still get hold of some winter flower varieties such as hellebore. If you’re getting married in May than some of the summer flowers will have started to come into season such as sweet peas, for example.

For all you spring couples I hope this has given you lots of ideas and inspiration for your wedding day blooms.

Joanne xx




One of our BLOVED interns for 2015, Leanne loves style in all its various forms and spends much of her free time (when she’s not busy writing!) researching the latest fashion, beauty and interior trends (mostly thanks to her Pinterest addiction!) and loves testing out new beauty products or shopping for quirky new additions to her home.

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