Behind the Scenes with Creative Wedding Planner, Styled For Love!

Meet Clara, the creative director and wedding planner behind Styled For Love whose passion lies in creating weddings which are imaginative, creative and oh so beautiful! We love Clara’s flair for details, and creating that ‘wow’ factor, and here you can see one of her recent shoots with B.LOVED Edit Members, Helen Warner Photography and Emma Soulsby Flowers – and see what Clara thinks are the biggest trends for 2019 weddings!

What would you say is your signature style?

Styled for Love is very much about blending romantic elegance with fashion and fun! Helping style conscious couples realise their wedding ambitions means my work always has a trending influence, but the core concept is always focused on what sparks joy for the couple, resulting in a timeless celebration.

What are you favourite wedding details and trends for 2019?

I’m really enjoying the trend for making weddings more of an interactive experience throughout the entire celebration. My passion for using each couple’s lifestyle, interests and love story as the main source of inspiration complements this perfectly, as we can incorporate unique touches into the day which will give their guests a real sense of being part of their story.

I also love adding trends from the world of interiors and fashion – they can be a fabulous complement when creating a unique design, be it a colour, texture or styling element. One of my favourite interior trends for 2019 is the revival of Art Deco. Adding hints of this glamorous era in the form of beautiful velvets, fringing, scalloped furniture and mixed metallics creates a fun yet luxurious feel.



Tell us about how you work with couples on their wedding?

Designing a wedding that expresses the couples individuality is definitely a collaborative process. I want my couples to feel their vision is understood and that they can embrace all the fun aspects in this shared venture. The fun starts with a cup of tea (or flute of champagne!) and a complimentary consultation, where I discover the couple’s history, lifestyle, aspirations and vision.

A bespoke proposal follows and once happy with this my couples are guided through the design, planning and styling process, from storyboards and venue search to budget management, floorplans and on the day coordination, I am there every step of the way.

As well as a full planning package, I offer a design and styling service, created for couples who wish to plan their day themselves but are unsure of how to make their vision work or how to pull the design elements together to create a cohesive event that truly represents their story.



What things might couples not know or realise having not planned a wedding before?

Getting married is SO exciting but the planning process can be completely overwhelming! From knowing where to start, worrying about having the time to create the day you dream of while juggling work, family and the lifestyle you love to realising the budget is running away with you can be unsettling. My job is to take away that pressure, and create a clear and enjoyable path forward.

It’s so important to enjoy the lead up to your marriage and a wedding planner can be priceless, taking care of every aspect so you can wave goodbye to any stress and welcome the fun with open arms.

What’s important and for them to need your services?

I love to work with creative couples who dream of a wedding which is a little different, maybe something they can’t quite put into words – a unique ‘this is us, we are one of a kind’ celebration. My goal is to provide a service which helps couples create a wedding which truly reflects who they are, and tells their story in an authentic way.

What do you love most about your work?

I am totally in love with LOVE and being able to immerse myself in my couples’ stories and this wonderful industry is such a privilege. I pride myself on interpreting my couples vision and transforming concepts into reality. There’s so much satisfaction when clients are proud of the day created for them, and seeing the pleasure that is shared by their family and friends.



Why did you create Styled for Love?

I believe that weddings should represent the couples identity and my mission is to accomplish this. A wedding isn’t just a celebration of marriage it’s the beginning of a new life together – it’s a celebration of your whole story, and this should be a key part of the occasion.

What exciting things do you have coming up this year?

Having recently launched Styled for Love, 2019 looks set to be very exciting indeed, with styled shoots, industry collaborations and working with new clients. My calendar is open and I can’t wait to meet new couples and hear their love stories.

What would be your top 5 tips to include?

Great question.

  • First, savour and relish your engagement status – this only comes round once! Friends and family will want to know dates and details as soon as a ring is on your finger, but try not to feel pressurised. This period is such a fun stage of your life, so take your time to really soak in the excitement and let it be part of your identity.
  • Talk about your budget before you start planning. This should also be spoken about openly with anyone contributing to the financial aspect of your wedding, as they are likely to wish to be involved in making some decisions. This avoids heated debates later down the line.
  • Think about what’s most important to you as a couple and be confident to do things your way. Everyone has an opinion but your celebration should be about you. This is one time you can be selfish!
  • Remember why you’re getting married. It’s so easy to get caught up in planning for your day but think about the bigger picture and work as a team.
  • Tempting as it is, don’t get carried away with Pinterest. It is so easy to fall in love with beautiful photographs but they’re not always realistic. Take inspiration from them but think about what suits you and what really tells your story, versus what looks good in the photos.

Thanks so much to Clara for sharing her insight with us today! To find out more or get in touch with her, pop on over to her beautiful new website;




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