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Today I’m delighted to introduce you to the lovely Emma Woodhouse of The Wedding Reporter.  I have followed Emma (who some of you may know better as Cloggins on twitter!) since the very beginning of b.loved, and have loved watching her eloquent tweets turn into the excitement and reality of setting up a her new business!  The Wedding Reporter is a creative and unique service, even in this wonderfully diverse wedding industry, and to have Emma write the story of your wedding is something I would urge every bride to consider.  I admire the way Emma writes, with passion and romance, so this week I asked her a few questions about The Wedding Reporter, and in her own beautiful words, here’s her reply ~

Tell us a little about yourself and The Wedding Reporter

My name is Emma Woodhouse and I’m a professional people-watcher and creator of love stories, which is, in essence, what The Wedding Reporter is all about. I have somehow incorporated my lifelong affinity for documenting everything with my fascination for observing human relationships, psyches and momentous moments in life. I’m a nosey parker – that comes from having trained in drama where you’re encouraged to observe everyone else and steal parts of their lives for performances – but I like to think that it’s only for the best possible reason: in order to create something beautiful and ever-lasting for my clients.

The Wedding Reporter is a unique service, how did you come up with the idea?

It was an entirely un-premeditated light bulb moment. In the process of lamenting the end of my own wedding planning blog after we got married in 2010, I realised that I actually did not care so much for the blog or the wedding planning, but for the wildly indulgent past time of writing about actual weddings. I was seduced by trying to transcribe that moment when a couple face each other at the altar and realise that the words they’re about to say are the most important words to ever pass their lips. I publicly wished I could just go to more weddings and write about them and boom! The Wedding Reporter was born.

What inspires you to write? Which writers do you admire? 

I’m inspired by everything around me. I live in a 2nd floor flat right in the city centre, which means that even glancing out of my window shows me a host of anonymous characters who I immediately conjure up back stories, plots and dialogue for. Sometimes I feel like my imagination is so big that you must be able to actually see it floating around my head like a cloud.  I’m a big fan of the classics, particularly the more gothic writers like the Brontës. I also love a bit of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Harold Pinter and James Frey, so I certainly have an eclectic taste! I also love reading biographies (particularly historical ones) because they are an interesting way of seeing into other people’s lives.

Is there a particular type of bride or couple who book your services?

My brides tend to be really flipping stylish and pretty blooming cool! They’re not necessarily girls with massive budgets, but they have got their fingers firmly on the wedding style pulse; most of them find me through wedding blogs which in itself is testament to the way that they have planned their wedding. I’m usually the last thing that people book when they realise they have an extra £500 that they could squeeze out of their budget to invest in a literary legacy.

What can couples expect from The Wedding Reporter?

They can expect an unashamedly romantic tale of their wedding day that will, hopefully, embody their personalities and love. They can expect a discreet, friendly pair of eyes at the back of the room who loves to get lost in the tales that grandparents want to tell. They can expect a new BFF and they can definitely expect me to start crying during the entrance of the bride.

Tell us about your beautiful bespoke wedding report books

Clients get sent an electronic version of their wedding report, which is entirely their property, so if they want to take it away and self-publish or incorporate it into their photo album they can. However, I also work with Leah Spicer Creative, an amazing designer, who creates published hardback books of my wedding reports.  The standard design features beautiful typography and a black and white cover illustration, but we also offer a bespoke design option where Leah works with the clients to create an entirely unique cover and incorporates elements and details from your wedding throughout the report. We can also add your photos into the report book if you wish. They’re a beautiful keepsake to hand down through generations, but they’re also great thank you presents for parents or bridesmaids, or even for guests who couldn’t make it to the wedding.

What do you love most about being in the wedding industry?

Having come from a background of drama, creative writing and journalism, I absolutely adore how creative the wedding industry is. When I put out the initial tweet that I was offering wedding reports in return for invites, I fully expected to be laughed out of town, but the exact opposite happened where everyone embraced the idea, encouraged me and helped to evolve my business. Creativity and generosity of support go a very long way in my book.

If you’re interested in having  this wonderful word fairy document your special day, head on over to and check out some of her most recent reports, including my favourite story of Franky & Carl’s movie-star wedding day.


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