Sustainable Wedding Dresses: Three Big Launches

It is no longer possible to ignore the reality of climate change. As such, brides are turning to sustainability when planning their wedding day including choosing sustainable wedding dresses. 

While it may not appear so from the beautiful images found online, the wedding industry contributes to pollution. According to the Green Bride Guide, the average wedding produces 63 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, alongside 400 pounds of garbage. 

Sustainable wedding decor, dresses, and practices can help reduce this kind of contribution to pollution and overall climate change. Both brides and wedding designers are realising this, resulting in a big push for dresses made locally, with organic materials, and using less energy in production.

However, sustainability doesn’t just relate to the environment. It also extends to practices that are harmful to other humans and animals. Sustainable by definition means “maintain something at a certain level or rate”. While this is vague about the environment, labour and animals, it means keeping production and consumption at a rate that doesn’t cause any harm or burnout.

As a result of the focus on fairer treatment across the industry, specific issues have been highlighted. The treatment of garment workers continues to be brought up, especially when considering cheaper imports (which also add to harmful toxins put out into the environment). In addition, the use of animal furs or by-products has also come under scrutiny more recently with the rise of the popularity of veganism. All of this has brought the need for sustainability to the front of many brides’ minds. 

As a result, when it comes to considering what dress to buy for their big day, brides are looking to brands that place sustainability and ethical practices at the centre of their business.

While there are many sustainable and eco-friendly wedding brands, we’ve picked three to profile that are having major launches.They are sustainable dress designer Sanyukta Shrestha, a sustainable range edit from Rewritten and the first-ever eco-friendly gown from iconic Australian bridal brand, Grace Loves Lace

Sanyukta Shrestha: The Vegan Dream 

PETA Luxury Vegan Wedding Award designer, Sanyutka Shrestha, is launching her 2022 collection, The Vegan Dream. 

It is inspired by Lewis Carol’s Narnia, specifically because it depicts the deep connection and harmony between humans, nature, and animals.

“For a bride, it is so important to feel comfortable, naturally beautiful and confident in her wedding dress while staying true to her belief and personality, and I think this collection is reflective of those elements and the different aspects of the Sanyukta Shrestha woman who respects the world around her with compassion,” says Sanyukta. 

The collection does not include any animal products and is handmade by artisans in Nepal. It incorporates hand-spun, hand-loomed 100% fair-trade bamboo, 100% organic cotton, and vegan eco-fibre made from wood pulp cellulose. 

The designs also take inspiration from nature in that they are flowing pieces that make an impact without much fuss.


Rewritten is one of London’s most forward-thinking bridesmaid dress brands. They’re expanding their range with a new Bridal Edit. 

This ground-breaking capsule collection includes designs made in London from recycled and organic fabrics. Each dress is made with 100% recycled satin and organic peace silk. 

Designers, Katie Arnott and Frances Cookson, made sure to bring their signature style to the line, which is only available for a limited run. It features three unique dresses and a silk top which accompanies two of them. 

Named after three iconic female singers, Simone, Billy and Joni, all lean into clean lines and simplicity.

Grace Loves Lace

Australian bridal brand, Grace Loves Lace, are launching their first eco wedding dress. The unique, sustainable piece is made with 96% recycled materials. 

Called Lumi, the dress is ethically handcrafted in Australia’s studio. Founder and Creative Director, Megan Ziems, aimed to avoid using new materials as much as possible.

“We were inspired to take materials that would have been otherwise discarded and use modern technology to create a beautiful wedding gown that holds so much meaning,” said Ziems. 

In addition to the Lumi gown, they have a veil that is made of 100% tulle and lace. This means a bride can ensure her entire ensemble is eco-friendly.


If you’re looking for more options, you’ll find incredible sustainable and eco-friendly wedding dresses here. If you would prefer to rent your bridal gown, read our edit on Wedding Dress Rental: The Real Costs (and Savings).



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