Talking Wedding Trends + Tips with Wedding Planner ‘Something Blue’

We are talking wedding trends and tips with Emma of Something Blue Wedding Planning. In our exclusive interview we asked Emma for the lowdown on what her favourite trends at the moment, what kind of colour palettes she thinks will be super popular this year and what her advice for you planning your wedding!

What wedding trends do you love at the moment?
I adore a style which I’ve named ‘wild luxe’ essentially it’s a very natural and wild styling lifted with luxury elements such as exceptional glassware, linens and masses of flowers and candles. A lot of my clients are embracing this trend in 2018

What wedding trends and colours do you think are going to be popular this year?
I think 2018 will be the year for a resurgence of colour, and more specifically bolds. 2017’s Pantone of the year was greenery and the wedding industry and couples massively embraced this. However i’m noticing a lot of my clients are asking for more colour again but still the natural feel that greenery introduced.

What do you think are the most important things to do when you first start planning your wedding?
Writing a detailed budget is key, often couples love to get started on the planning and this is often when costly mistakes can be made. Until you have written an itemised budget you shouldn’t start contacting suppliers. When I meet with potential clients part of my consultation process is to write a really detailed budget for them and to explain why some elements cost what they do. This then allows you to set priorities and spend more on certain areas which are really important.

What wedding styles do you love to work with?
It has to be said that my clients do tend to share my love of the elegance of fine art inspired weddings, which marry style and luxe details with romance seamlessly. You’ll often find an abundance of flowers, amazing seasonal food and breath-taking settings at a Something Blue wedding.


What would be your key pieces of advice for couples?
Sit down and discuss between you the top three elements you both want in your wedding and prioritise these. Then allocate a generous budget to these three areas and make allowances in other areas of the budget to ensure they key parts are exactly what you’ve wanted.

What are the main issues you see couples struggling with when planning their weddings at the moment? Do you have any advice for this?
I think now there is so much choice and inspiration via blogs, Instagram, Pinterest etc that narrowing down exactly what you want can be tricky. My advice for this is to stay true to yourselves and design a wedding which not only reflects your personalities but also your own style.

What does 2018 have in store for Something Blue?
2018 is a very exciting year for us, I have recently expanded my team to be able to continue to offer the exceptional service and level of detail I have become known for while the business is expanding. We also have some amazing venues lined up this year from grand Cathedrals to glass marquees it’s going to be a very varied and fun year!




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