The Autumn Issue: Notes from a Planner

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Hello you luscious people!  We’ve got so much to cram in to The Autumn Issue, we’re giving you a whole extra day this week of fall-inspired advice!  Whilst there’s been a lot of moaning about cold mitts and nights drawing in early, I think we’ve all got to stop, and embrace all the beautiful things the season has to offer. I’ve been pretty darn lucky to have lived in some far flung (and hot!) places and one of the things I missed most was the changing of seasons. Never have truer words been spoken than that you don’t know what you might miss until you no longer have it. So put on some boots and go kick some leaves – and that’s an order.

Autumn is a b.e.a.uuutiful season to get  married in. The colours nature produces are simply breathtaking and instantly conjure up visions of rooms bathed in candle light and the warm glow of a log fire. So autumn brides, run with it. Far be it from me to tell you how to style your day but why not step away from the pastel tones of the summer and take your cue from nature. Rich orange and golden tones, reds so deep in colour they are almost black, crisp whites to contrast – oh how I could get carried away.

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Throw in some lush green foliage and tadah – you have your perfect autumn wedding colours. Plus, the added bonus is that you can do so much with what nature already has to offer, and for free at that. So if you have to be a little more creative with your budget, wrap up for a long walk and gather bags full of ivy. It will instantly transform any space, be it your Church or your reception venue, without even touching those precious Christmas present funds.  Take a step back into childhood and collect buckets full of conkers. Give a little polish (a pretty therapeutic task for an evening in front of ‘The Paradise’), throw into a big glass vase and hey presto, they’ll look absolutely beautiful.  Oh – and candles, lots and lots of them. Again, they mustn’t break the bank. Far better to invest in a few seriously good quality candles to dot around in strategically clever places so their scent will be truly noticeable and then fill the rest of the space with tealights. Place them in, dare I say the word, cheap little glass holders and hide them with ivy and no one will be any the wiser.

There are a few logistical and operative elements to consider for autumn weddings though. There is of course the fact that it gets dark early and you’ll need to bear that in mind in terms of the flow of your day. This is especially important when it comes to lighting and photography, but I’ll leave the delicious Anneli to explain this in more (and far better) detail this afternoon’s post!


The main things I look out for are to make sure you and your guests are neither cold nor wet. Whilst you’d of course be hoping for a crisp and sunny day, be prepared for rain and make sure you have brollies on stand-by. And look out for venue specific challenges. I had a wedding once where guests had to walk a short distance on a grass surface between the path and the entrance. To avoid soggy feet, we put down a ‘decked path’ across the lawn.  And cold, never be cold. I always have hand warmers for my brides on standby. I first used them about 13 years ago when I worked at the Rally in Sweden, outside most of the day at temperatures of minus twenty. Brrrrrrrr. They’re pure lifesavers so make sure you have some hidden away, especially if you plan to do some romantic outdoor shots. If you ask your photographer nicely, I’m sure he/she will stash them in their bags for you.

Nothing is more frustrating than planning a spectacular fireworks display and then having all your girly guests huddle by the door because they don’t want to freeze outside. I had a bride once who gave every girl a Pashmina as a favour, to avoid just that. Genius. If your budget doesn’t quite allow that though, don’t despair. Just head down to that well known Swedish place and get a whole bag of fleecy blankets, like restaurants with outdoor seating do. They can be shared two at a time, making it even more romantic to gaze up at an illuminated sky. And isn’t sharing body warmth the best way to combat cold? Oh what a thoughtful host and hostess you are.

I could go on… But I shan’t. If you have any questions or special dilemmas, you know where to find me so just email me and I’ll be delighted to help.

Pumpkin loads of love,

— Anna


Photography: Anneli Marinovich // Styling: b.loved // Makeup: Ana Ospina // Hair: Yuki Fung // Dresses: Luella’s Boudoir & Maids to Measure // Accessories: Victoria Millésime  // Bouquet: Blue Sky Flowers // Stationery: Itty Bitty & Bijou // Props: Rowen & Wren //  Model: Elizabeth Demicol


Yoo Hoo, aren't you looking lovely today! So, I'm Anna and I'm your go-to girl for all things weddings, specifically on-the-day coordination. My best laid plan is to share a plethora of useful 'stuff' here to help get you through the wedding planning process unscathed. If you ever have any questions that you don't find covered, please get in touch, always happy to help. Pip pip!

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