The Journey of Love: A Travel Inspired Wedding

No matter what experiences we may have had in our life, it’s never too late for a new adventure. The planner of this travel inspired wedding shared a quote that was used as a source of influence for this quirky shoot: 

“I learned to toast the doors closed, the roads stopped, the stories ended because it is in the end of things that new beginnings start all over again.” 

The concept for this wedding was brimming with sentiment. Rather than being swayed by the latest trends, this occasion took its inspiration from the experiences and emotions of our lovers. The unique décor speaks to the journey of love—the past, present and exciting future of newlyweds. 


For Claudia Carrara, the objective of this project was to elevate the theme of travel and bring a new dimension to it—something modern, symbolic and cultured. She believes travel is one of the most interesting experiences of human life. It is often through the art of travel that we get a new perspective and evolve. 

With new destinations and exciting journeys in mind, Claudia sought to create an avant-garde wedding look. Getting married is a journey—travelling and falling in love have many things in common including sharing the experience with your special someone. 

This concept was brought to life using a bold industrial urban aesthetic. In a cool riff on the travel theme, the shoot featured a disused aeroplane as part of the ser. This addition really spoke to the fact that our betrothed couple are on the cusp of a wonderful journey together. 


In order to emphasise the contemporary look and feel of this travel inspired wedding shoot, the colour palette featured yellow, grey and teal. Red and orange were also used.

Claudia’s passion for art inspired her to make a tribute to Jackson Pollock. The tablescape was an ode to modern art splattered with Pollock-esque drippings. The florist (Elisa Vanin from Anneris Flower Farm) hand-painted the stained table with the main colours of the project palette. The dynamism of this décor was designed to speak to the uniqueness of each and every human being. 


  • Don’t be afraid to go bold – great things come with having a visionary mind in charge of the design. 
  • Think sustainable. The minimal floral design was entirely made up of seasonal flowers, which were all cultivated on a local farm (meaning no flowers had to be imported in).  
  • A passion for an unconventional style can make your day special and unique.



Art Director and Planner: Claudia Carrara Wedding Planner & Event Designer // Photographer: Street Wedding Photography // Venue: Infinite Area // Florist: Anneris Flower Farm // Paper Goods: Enza Valente // Makeup and Hairdressing: Keti Brusegan // Wedding Dress: Elodie Brides



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