A Thoroughly Modern Royal Wedding

Whilst we understand that you, our lovely readers, aren’t obsessed with celebrity weddings – the politics and drama that Harry & Meghan have had to endure publicly over the past few weeks in the run up to the Royal Wedding is something our couples can certainly relate to! In our network of wedding creatives we discussed issues that couples can often struggle with such as: Managing family drama, Acknowledging traditions, Trends at traditional weddings and Wedding day overwhelm. Read what some of our lovely experts have to say both about their experiences and also their advice for overcoming these modern wedding issues.

“I’m personally excited to see Harry & Meghan put their own spin on things. Royal weddings up to now have been classic and traditional but this couple have made it clear they want to do things differently. From arriving at the church with her mum, to her new Father in Law walking her part way down the aisle, Meghan is a great role model for brides who are facing difficult family circumstances. She’s made some great decisions in trying to involve everyone, whilst making sure she is completely happy in her choices. I love how they have chosen to incorporate British florals from a designer famed for her natural and organic style, often incorporating on-trend greenery into her arrangements and bouquets. This looser style is a refreshing move away from the formal florals usually seen at society and Royal weddings, and I’m sure will provide plenty of inspiration for 2018-19 brides.”

Louise . B.LOVED Blog


“I know first hand how difficult it is to manage family politics when wedding planning having gone through it myself, so I am always mindful of this when working with couples. There are ways around it, and tweaks you can make to traditions to make it more suitable for your family set-up. It may not be as unusual as you think for a Bride to be given away by her Mum, brother, uncle, or own children for example!

A great way of avoiding any awkwardness on the top table is for the bride & groom to have a sweetheart table and each parent or set of parents to host their own table.  It can be very overwhelming trying to preempt and manage any wedding day family dramas but it’s really important to keep in mind what your big day is all about, and remember that you cannot (and will not!) please everybody so you just have to make a decision based on what feels right and stick to it.

Speak to your Wedding Planner and photographer about any potential issues – they will undoubtedly have experienced similar scenarios and will be able to help manage it for you on the day.”

Natasha . The Wildflower Wedding Planner

“Family dramas is something we have had to manage at weddings with group photos! Particularly where one of the parents have a new partner that may not be popular or welcome by the couple. An example we’ve had is where the Father of the Bride has a new partner but the Bride wasn’t a fan of her… She didn’t want a picture of her, but also knew her Dad would. So for the family portraits we advised to have one with and one without partners, so that it wasn’t obvious and wouldn’t cause any niggles. We’ve seen this too with “traditional top tables” and couples wondering how they work around extended new families.”

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“When my parents married it was the first time my grandparents had seen each other since their divorce. You can see the atmosphere in their wedding photos and my aunt made my grandad leave half way through the reception. I do often recommend sweetheart tables as a way around divorced and remarried parents and that can work well.”

RebeccaRebecca Wilkie Weddings and Events

“We knew that we wanted to enjoy planning our wedding day and felt that it should be something fun and not to become an overwhelming stress, so we did think we might have a longer engagement. Due to family drama we didn’t feel we would have the intimate, fun wedding we dreamt of until things were more resolved – and now we’ve been engaged for over 6 years! My advice after this experience would be to have a discussion with your family sooner rather than later – and as difficult as it might be, be open to the idea that some family members may not be able to attend your wedding.”
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“I love to create sweetheart tables for my couples and they are becoming more popular now couples are stretching the boundaries on wedding traditions and creating a wedding they want and love, rather than one they feel they have to have. A sweetheart table is a table just for the bride and groom, rather than a long table that can often feel a bit cold and outdated.
Aesthetically, I love designing them and they are so much more fun than a bog-standard set of trestle tables for your top table. You could use a beautiful piece of antique furniture, or have 2 slightly more lavish chairs than what you give your guests, or even surround your table with a beautiful floral installation. Lots of beautiful options to help make your wedding stand out and break away from traditions. Planning wise, I would then look to seat all families together and your bridal party together etc. But it really is up to you – it’s your day after all.

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“I spent most of our wedding morning ticking off items on my to-do list and even though I had planned enough time to get ready – my Mum took more time to get her hair and make up done and we ran late which meant we had less time for couples photos! Sometimes couples don’t realise how quick the morning goes so I always recommend getting a planner to help make the day go smoother without worrying about being overwhelmed with to-do lists.”

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“I love it when our couples have the attitude that they have done as much as they can in the run up to their wedding day, and the day is for enjoying, experiencing every moment and not spending it stressed or upset. There is such a difference in their outlook and how their wedding day plays out. If you feel too stressed about important details of your wedding day – 1. hire wedding suppliers you absolutely love and trust – and feel great knowing that they have things under control and know what you want. 2. hire a planner who can take lots of stress off you! and 3. think about having a later ceremony to allow for more time pre-wedding to get everything organised.”
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