Tiffany Men’s Engagement Rings: Everything You Need To Know

The men’s engagement, or management ring, is not a new phenomenon. However, it’s been gaining traction year on year. Now, Tiffany & Co. are getting on the trend with their new line of male engagement rings. 

While it may seem like a standard that has been around for centuries, the idea of a diamond engagement ring is a relatively new tradition. However, its uptake and impact have been impressive and enduring. 

Alongside this tradition, society has been changing steadily to become more inclusive (see these ideas for celebrating LGBTQIA+ weddings) and less defined by traditional gender roles. One area where this is becoming a reality is engagements. The idea that anyone can propose and that a couple can both wear engagement rings are becoming more mainstream. Tiffany’s move into male engagement rings reflects this change.

The Rise of Men’s Engagement Rings 

Much like engagement rings overall, the recent rise in interest in the pre-wedding ring for men is not entirely new. Some traditions have long required men to wear engagement rings before their wedding, while jewellers in the past have also tried to launch a male engagement ring without much success. 

In the 1920s, the department store L. Bamberger & Co (now called Macy’s) attempted to start the trend by advertising male engagement rings. However, this didn’t work out at that time. This is not surprising as even a wedding band for men didn’t become popular in most western countries until World War II.

Since then, the wedding band has become a staple which could be considered a reason why the addition of engagement rings isn’t quite as big of a leap anymore. 

As with many other trends, the increase in celebrities wearing the male engagement ring has also increased its popularity. Headlines identifying celebrities wearing “management rings” have popped up more frequently. In 2010, Michael Buble spoke about sporting an engagement ring as it fell in line with the traditions of his Argentinian wife. In Latin America, engagement rings for men have been a tradition for generations.

A survey by The Knot and Men’s Health in 2012 found that 17% of men said they would wear engagement rings and high-profile men continue to sport engagement rings. In 2018, Ed Sheeran was seen wearing a plain silver band ahead of his wedding to Cherry Seaborn, while Johnny Depp kept the ring he originally proposed to Amber Heard to wear himself while she found one she preferred. Before Tiffany & Co. even released their male engagement ring line, Charlie Sheen was seen wearing a plain band from the jeweller as an engagement ring in 2014. 

Multiple other jewellers have released or promoted their bands as engagement rings for men. We’ve found 26 styles that speak to all different kinds of men. 

The Tiffany Setting that Started it All

While other jewellers have already picked up on the trend, Tiffany’s will likely become iconic. 

In the 1930s, the De Beers Mining Company first debuted the concept of an engagement ring featuring a diamond to create a market and demand for diamonds. However, a diamond placed into a ring doesn’t simply make it a symbol of luxury and love. This is where Charles Lewis Tiffany comes in. 

When you picture an engagement ring, the first design that pops into your mind is likely the simple solitaire in a claw setting with a plain band. This iconic creation didn’t appear out of thin air. The design is called the Tiffany Setting and was created by Charle’s in 1886. 

The simple six-prong clasps are surrounding the beautiful solitaire diamond complimented by a simple gold band. The diamond is placed as the central piece, which shines as the light catches it from all angles. This design propelled both the idea of a diamond as a symbol of love and the notion that the size of the diamond matters. Since the setting can accommodate a range of sizes, the bigger and more brilliant, the better. While engagement rings have been added to, changed, and expanded over the years, this simple design has endured. 

The Charles Tiffany Setting 

Much like their signature setting, Tiffany wants to set the standard for male engagement rings with this new line. Named the Charles Tiffany Setting, after their founder and original designer, the design features a bold diamond set into a setting reminiscent of signet rings. This is unsurprising as signet rings have long been a favourite for men. 

Signet rings originated as symbols for religious leaders and rulers. Their flat-top design featured a symbol that could be used to stamp and seal correspondence. This was a personal symbol that held within it your authority. In addition, signet rings often featured a family crest, which represented and highlighted the family and its history. As a result, this design fits as an engagement ring, symbolising the beginning of a new family. 

“The Charles Tiffany Setting honours the jeweller’s long-standing legacy in love and inclusivity, paving the way for new traditions to celebrate our unique love stories and honour our most cherished commitments to one another,” explains the company. 

The first release features round and emerald-cut diamonds up to 5 carats. It comes in either titanium or platinum. The round diamond is showcased in a streamlined knife-edge band while the emerald boasts bevelled edges. 

Much like the rings designed for women, these tokens of love do come at a price. The collections range between US$15,600 to US$278,500. 

You also can’t simply pop them into your online basket and check out. To order, those looking to impress their partner need to call the customer care line and get a bespoke appointment with Tiffany’s representative. 

A More Inclusive Look at Men’s Engagement Rings 

While these rings are called “men’s”, their creation broadens the scope for symbols of love just as the acceptance of all kinds of love increases globally. It is likely that these kinds of shifts will continue to change wedding trends, which have long been restricted by antiquated ideas of love and partnerships. Tiffany’s is identifying the shifts in society and responding accordingly. Despite being designed for men, these rings could easily be worn by anyone.



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