Time Together – What Does That Look Like to You?

When life just gets busy and you’re fitting in running a business, a house move, making time to see your family and a little self care – we can often take for granted the special person who is by our side through it all.

Time together looks different to everybody, even my Fiance’s idea of spending some time together is different to what I consider it to be – but we do agree that it’s important and what all that busyness in life is about – that precious time you get to spend together doing the things you jointly love.

For Me, I love to explore beautiful new places and be outdoors and doing this together is Last year we took a break to Altea in Spain where we spent our days walking through olive and lemon groves, and prettiest old town. We also grabbed just a few hours to visit The Cotswolds on our way back from a wedding we’d been capturing and here we relaxed a the cutest coffee shop and decided we wanted to design a courtyard in our new garden that felt like this spot.

For B.LOVED Founder + Editor in Chief Louise; With three businesses, a family and a house renovation to oversee life can certainly get busy! I used to get stressed and overwhelmed by my to-do list, but over the past few years I have learnt how to find that elusive work life balance. My secret? Commit 100% to being in the moment. Family time is the first thing to be scheduled into my diary, and it’s non-negotiable! Our favourite weekends are the ones when the weather starts to get a bit warmer and we can venture into London with my bonus-daughters to explore our favourite parks (Greenwich and Hyde Parks are always top of the list). The next day always involves relaxing on the sofa with a movie and bucket of popcorn!! When my partner and I manage to get some time to ourselves, we’ll head to a local restaurant for good food and a bottle of red. The emails can wait!!”

This gorgeous Proposal Story by B.LOVED Edit Supplier Helen Warner Photography instantly sent be into memories of visiting our favourite beach together, the warm sand, the rustling grasses and the wind in your hair! Freedom from the rushing around of daily life and just enjoying something as simple yet magnificent as the views walking along the beach together. This heartfelt shoot inspired us to share this message of togetherness. Amidst all the wedding planning, the stresses and and excitement that this brings, remembering what it’s all for.

Helen + Toasted Event Design tell us more about their dreamy shoot ideas; “Our shoot follows the story of a romantic proposal, set on the British coastline, near a village called Walberswick. It is a rather other worldly place, with a romance and timelessness ideal for a love story. Grassy sand dunes, creeks, sea and empty beach plus old weather beaten shacks and fishing boats all set the scene. We wanted to capture something of the essence of the British coast, earthy colours, warmth and natural fibres and to concentrate on the simple love story of two gentle souls. Our handsome beach bound man, waits for his barefoot love, with a romantic picnic, loosely gathered bouquet and a ring wound from the grassy dunes…”





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