Timeless Style for the Groom

We’re so thrilled to share something a little different today from The London Vintage Watch Co.

When Victoria (who is also the talented lady behind B.LOVED fave Victoria Millésime) and Trevor Mallison got in touch to work with us on an editorial to showcase their new brand, we were excited to explore ways to connect our love of style and pretty with their timeless and classic collection of timepieces for men.

We don’t often get to style up our grooms, so for us it was also an opportunity to show you some dapper grooms inspiration with a twist! Working with a palette of warm and natural autumnal hues, incorporating gold and on-trend copper shades we created a look which pays homage to British heritage but still results in a thoroughly modern grooms trousseau. We interviewed Victoria to find out more about the new brand too! See the interview below the beautiful shoot…

Tell us about your business

“The London Vintage Watch Co. was founded in 2016 after a life-long dream held by husband-and-wife team Victoria and Trevor. Victoria’s father, Harold, has been an avid collector and skilled repairer of antique clocks and pocket watches for over 25 years. Victoria grew up in a house filled with the sound of ticking clocks, swinging pendulums, and cuckoo-ing cuckoos. Heaven forbid you were around at 12 o’clock when each clock, set to precisely the correct time, would start chiming in unison. As fate would have it, when she married Trevor in 2009, it turned out Trevor had a passion for vintage watches too…
Following the success of Victoria’s bridal accessories business Victoria Millesime, we decided that with our in depth knowledge of both vintage watches and what brides really want, opening the London Vintage Watch Co. would be the perfect combination. We cater particularly for brides looking for a truly special wedding gift for their husbands, as well as past brides and women who are now looking for amazing anniversary and birthday gifts for their husbands and partners.”

What did you do before and how does that experience help you now?

“I have spent the last 7 years working as a bridal accessories designer for my company Victoria Millésime. Through this work, I have built an extensive network within the wedding industry, and also really learned about what brides want to make their wedding day special. It was armed with this knowledge that I decided to set up The London Vintage Watch Co. – catering to brides looking for a very special gift for their husbands on their wedding day.”

What motivated you to set up the London Vintage Watch Company?

“It seemed like a very natural progression from Victoria Millésime – the type of brides that came to me to design their perfect bridal headpiece was exactly the type of bride I imagined would love the beauty of vintage watches and pocket watches.”

Who is your dream client?

“My dream client is a bride who loves stories – someone who can see the beauty in the exquisitely crafted antique pocket watches (some over 100 years old), and also falls in love with the history and stories behind the watches. I love day dreaming about who may have purchased a particular watch in 1890, and the things that watch has seen and the places it has been.”


Where do you find your watches?

“Our vintage watches are sourced from all over world. The brands that we source are the best watch and pocket watch brands available for a mid range budget – most of these brands were manufactured either in the USA or in Switzerland – both countries renowned for their watch makers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.”

What makes them unique & special?

“All of our vintage pocket watches and watches are mechanical watches. That means there is no battery in sight! When you open up a pocketwatch, it truly is a beautiful work of art. Each watch has been handmade by a skilled watchmaker, using tiny delicate parts and crystals. Watching the wheels turn and the cogs tick is mesmerising.”

Why should brides to be opt for vintage over modern alternatives?

“There is simply no comparison between a vintage mechanical watch or pocket watch and the battery operated modern alternatives. Open your vintage watch up and you will see the magic inside – open a modern battery operated watch up and all you find is a battery. There is no craftsmanship there, and no history to accompany it.”

Do you have favourite piece or brand?

“The Chopard pocket watch we currently have in stock is really special – any girl can tell you that Chopard is a very high end jewellery brand!”


Who do you respect and admire in the design world?

“I admire all the small designers working so hard to create beautiful, unique products for their brides! It is so hard being a small designer or small business, competing against the big guys with their large marketing budgets and economies of scale – luckily though many brides really appreciate and seek out small designers for the weddings.”

What do you think of trends? Do you follow them or prefer to follow your own style?

“I have always followed my own style. I think trends are great for pushing boundaries, and elements of trends always manage to work their way into our subconscious – but I think for your wedding day choosing a timeless, classic style will always beat following a temporary trend.”

What challenges have you set yourself for the next 12 months?

“Well! I have just opened my first shop The Boutique Bridal Cooperative with Tori Harris Makeup where you can view all of The London Vintage Watch Co’s current stock of vintage watches, as well as Victoria Millésime accessories and all the other fab products we have in the shop to complete your wedding day (Lucy Martin Design wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding shoes, candles and loads more.)
We are going from strength at The Boutique and can’t wait to see how the business unfurls over the next 12 months.”




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