Top 5 tips for throwing a Bridal Shower

Hey lovelies! Yay to it being closer to April and closer to summer. I don’t know about you but I’m so ready for summer; the heat, the sun, the clothes and the bright colours that are abundant at that time of year. I was mentioning how ready I was with my best girlfriends last weekend whilst it was chucking it down with rain when we were walking through Liverpool on my friends hen do. This made me think a) please roll on summer b) why has my best friend chosen March for her hen do c) why didn’t we get a taxi and d) why aren’t we inside! You would think that being a wedding planner I would have been able to sort the last two things (which were indeed remedied quickly) however these small thoughts made me think about the top tips for throwing a bridal shower or mini hen do style party and also how fun it would be to do a modern, bright and summery one. So, whilst awaiting my fellow hens to get ready I created these top 5 tips (prosecco in hand naturally!)

1) Make it unique and personal
The bridal shower is about the bride, not you, so make sure it’s about what she likes. Think about what hobbies your bride has; what interests her, what does she like to do, where does she like to go, what does she like to eat and drink. Focus activities or ideas around her favourites and think a little outside the box. Even if it doesn’t smack with originality, the fact that what you are organising is unique and personal to the bride will mean the world to her.

2) Thoughtful touches
You don’t have to give or spend the world to make the bridal shower amazing. Little quotes or items collected together or over the years that signify special moments could be all that’s required to give that extra special touch. A photo album of the bride and all of her hens would be a lovely idea and is a cute way of remembering the good times and bringing them all together.

3) Involve the guests
Yes, I may be contradictory in saying this, but as much as it is all about the bride, you don’t want the guests to feel left out. On the invitations or prior to the event, ask them to think about an anecdote or toast to the bride and instead of the traditional present opening, go around each guest and regale stories about them and the bride. It may prove for some poignant or hilarious moments! You could also make up little gift bags for each of the guests; maybe some choccies or mini bottles of fizz.

4) Keep it intimate
A bridal shower should be about the bride and her nearest and dearest. Look to best friends, or groups of friends and family of bride and her other half. With this in mind, keep any activities relatively intimate too. Some activities don’t work as well with larger numbers, so keep it in perspective and always consider numbers, activities and locations when planning. In addition, be flexible with the schedule, let it flow naturally and everyone will enjoy more than being rushed through proceedings.

5) Themed and consistent décor
I seem to have grown a dislike for the word theme; largely because when I mention the word theme, people think of some rather OTT common factor throughout everything or indeed a film based or book based theme. This absolutely doesn’t have to be the case at all however and by theme or consistent décor, I mean just that – be consistent. It doesn’t have to be OTT or obvious but everything seems to flow better with a common or consistent look or style. A colour scheme is a great one to work with and can be incorporated into many things and used many ways; whether used in a bold way or slightly subtler with added bursts of colour used sparingly.

The last point is key and one which is often important to me as a planner and stylist. Bridal showers are all about the fun and as much as I am a pastel kinda gal, I adore bright modern pops of colour and shapes for a bridal shower. Teal, pinks, greens and yellows combined create a real modern edge to a colour scheme and mixed with geometric patterns, invites and décor create the perfect bright bridal shower, ideal for summer (and actually throughout the colder months to warm us up!) I’m all about the girly side of this look and if you want to ramp things up in the style stakes for your bride, go tropical and add in metallics.

I would love to know your top tips about throwing a bridal shower; maybe you’re a pro and the go to girl in your group. Are you helping to plan your first one and on bridesmaid duty like myself? Let me know what your plans involve (if it’s not a surprise) and what colour scheme you will be picking.


Emma R

Emma R

Being named after Jane Austen’s Emma, it is serendipitous that I would end up working in weddings. A country girl at heart, I am equally comfortable roaming the farm in my tweed, surrounded by animals or sat in a beautiful Georgian property dining on afternoon tea and sipping champagne. With a strength in organising and a flair for creativity and a passion for everything wedding related I have been lucky enough to work as a Wedding Co-Ordinator for some stunning venues across the South East. I look after the social media and am Co-Planner at Goose & Berry, luxury wedding & event planners & caterers based in London & Buckinghamshire ( and am on hand to help you plan and design your perfect day.

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