Unique Engagement Ring Settings in 2021

Settings are features that can often be overlooked when searching for the perfect engagement ring. However, the setting plays an essential role in determining the appearance and style of a ring. 

Classic engagement ring settings include solitaire, halo and cluster, with each adding extra detail, size and charm to the overall ring design. While these all continue to be popular settings among modern day brides-to-be, some simply want something a little more out of the ordinary. 

For all you unique ring searching couples, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite alternative settings. So, sit back, relax, and discover amazing designs that will leave you stunned.

1. Double Halo

This incredible ring setting caught the eyes of many women this year. It dates to the Victorian era but isn’t considered a classic, like its single counterpart. 

If you’re familiar with the traditional halo setting, you know how glamorous and dazzling the ring style is – now imagine double the glam! A halo setting features a ring of small pavé set sparkling diamonds that surround a centre stone, making it more lustrous than ever. A double halo setting has two rings around the centre diamond, rather than one. 

Double halo settings can be added to almost any diamond cut, giving the illusion of a bigger centre stone. So, if you’re looking for a ring that will turn heads, this setting style is guaranteed to attract all the attention.

Double Halo

2. East-West Setting

This setting is ideal for those on the lookout for something extra special and unique. It is an unusual design where the centre stone is placed horizontally on the band, rather than vertically, as it is typically set in more traditional styles. 

When it comes to rings, we are used to seeing so many similar designs – but this is one to really make you stop and stare, which is why it is often chosen by those wanting to make a statement. 

Although all other elements of the ring, including the metal of the band and diamond cut, are nothing new, the horizontal setting adds a contemporary twist. 

An east-west setting can be applied to both diamonds and gemstones in a number of different cuts, ranging from pear to oval. However, one thing to note is these elongated designs are often chosen for their ability to make fingers appear slimmer. But when set horizontally, this isn’t the case.

3. Asymmetrical Setting

Arianna Grande left us amazed when she revealed her asymmetrically designed engagement ring last year. Ever since the picture hit the ‘Gram, the ring has been on everyone’s mind. An Asymmetric ring setting isn’t something that comes to mind when thinking of engagement rings, but they can look incredibly chic and beautiful, as the Pop princess has proven.  

An asymmetrical setting is a great way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. The offset designs are usually carefully crafted to guide the eye to the centre stone, or stones. 

Of course, this won’t be to everyone’s taste, particularly if you are one who strives for order and alignment, however, for those seeking something as unique as their love story, this is certainly a setting to consider.

Ariana Grande Ring

3. Three stone rings

Also called trilogy rings, these are wonderfully crafted to allude to the past, present, and future of a special companionship. This ring style is truly a delightful and stylish way to express your love for one another. 

You’ve probably guessed by the name that this unique ring style features three stones on the band, with the centre stone typically larger than those on its either side. This style of ring has been popular for a number of decades now, however, a recent resurgence of the design can be linked to Meghan Markle’s spectatual piece. 

If you’re someone who wants their finger dripped in diamonds, this is the ring setting for you. From the front, the diamonds take centre stage, with very little of the metal band on show.

Three Diamond Ring

4. Double prong setting

For an individual who seeks to defy tradition, a double prong engagement ring setting might just be the choice for you. The prongs refer to the claw-like metal rods which help fasten a diamond, or gemstone, onto the band. In classic solitaire styles, these prongs feature a series of single claws, which are spaces out  around the stone.

A double prong setting features two claws closely placed next to each other. As well as adding a unique twist to the overall ring design, a double prong setting also provides greater protection to the diamond or gemstone. 

The setting type is best suited to diamond cuts which have more obvious corners as it can protect them from chips and snags. 

An engagement ring will act as a symbol of love and commitment for many years, so finding the perfect one is an important decision. A love story as unique as yours deserves a ring that is different, daring and undeniably beautiful – and all this can be achieved with a special style of setting.



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