Be prepared ladies, Kate & Craig’s vintage African wedding is all kinds of beautiful! They took inspiration from Kate’s Grandma’s wedding dress and the outfits they were wearing when they first met – all together now, awwwww! – combining vintage style with a hint of modern African flair.  Things we love most? It’s got to be the stylish groomsmen rocking their tweed suits and the girls muted pastel dresses accessoriesed with the most fabulous floral bouquets, crammed with local foliage and flowers for a warm, rustic vibe. Bron from Vanilla Photography totally rocked the group shots on this one too!

One fine day in July every year there is a horse racing event in our local town. Most will recognize this as an occasion to dress up and have small party. It took hours of planning and organizing a picnic site for all my friends, and even more hours were spent hand making my all-over lace dress. Craig had been living up country farming, and it was this very day that he decided to make the voyage down to the bright lights of Durban. Dressed in a tweed suit Craig gate crashed my picnic site. The day was spent awkwardly making eye contact and it was only late in the evening that he decided to pluck up the courage and talk to me after he rescued my best friend’s stolen wallet. Later that evening he made his first move; and asked me if I would keep his wallet and cell phone in my handbag for safe keeping. Both the wallet and cell phone went missing from my handbag (I still don’t know how) and I left for a month’s trip overseas the very next day. One month later, the farm boy made his way back to the city and took me on our first date. 3 years later we were married…

The inspiration for our wedding day started off with my grandmother’s wedding dress, lace and tweed – the rest followed very easily.  I had an AMAZING designer who turn my dream dress into a reality. I could not make up my mind if I wanted sleeves or no sleeves – he was so creative and made it possible to have both.

I wanted everyone to be comfortable and happy, the bridesmaids got to pick their own dress design and colour. The 7 bridesmaids dresses were hand-made by my mother-in-law. she did such an incredible job turning all my drawings into the most beautiful dresses.

Craig’s suit was made in Vietnam. His parents were cycling around Vietnam and managed to pop into a suit shop. The tweed material and suit design was all chosen from WhatsApp messages. The groom and his groomsman all wore an African tribal belts

Tweed, vintage lace, soft floral chiffon, tribal beaded belts…. Don’t ask me how it all worked together but it just did!

The church was the same church my parents got married in 30 years ago. The reception was held at my parents’ home – nothing is more meaningful than a home wedding.  We had a very traditional wedding ceremony, and a very meaningful and personal service was by my Reverend from school. The readings were done by Craig’s sister and one of my best friends.

The flowers and décor was all created by my mom and her wonderful team of ladies. My mom is so brilliant and talented. All I did was show her a few images of what I had in mind and she did the rest… actually better than what I imagined. She even printed and hand-made labels for the hand wash in the bathrooms – no detail was missed. My dad was the one who literally “built” our wedding. He did the tent, the bar, the draping, lighting, flooring. They made the perfect team. All I did was arrive J The flowers in the church were done by my mother-in-law. She collected all the flowers from her beautiful garden in Underberg and created the most magical and romantic church setting to get married in.

Most memorable moment? Standing outside the church with my dad before he walked me down the aisle & kissing my husband during the bridal pictures like we were the only two people there.

My advice for B.LOVED couples Stay true to who you are and the rest will come easily. Even if you don’t think what your husband’s, or mother’s ideas will “match” what you want… it will. Weddings are not about theme’s but rather a celebration and expression of who you are. And ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!!! If any part of the preparation becomes a hassle, don’t do it. The wedding starts the day you get engaged and the wedding day is the grand finale. It’s such fun!



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