Wedding Day Haircut Inspiration for Men in 2022

Most people often assume that a wedding is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. And most tend to forget that men also look forward to their wedding day. Right? In any way, men also want to find their perfect life partner and look good on the day they say, “I do.”

Getting the right suit, shoes, and the perfect haircut is just as important to a groom as getting the perfect dress is for a bride. Luckily, there are tons of men’s hairstyles available for different husbands-to-be. However, which ones would a hair expert recommend for you?


Here is a list of haircuts and styles that can serve as a bit of inspiration to help you decide how you want to rock your hair on your special day:

1. The Brushed Back

The Brushed Back haircut is a popular hairstyle that is pretty easy to shape up and style. All you need is a good stylist and some gel or wax to style your hair like this. It is an excellent style for long hair that makes you look smooth and sophisticated. If you want to add something extra or personalize this style, add in a parting or side fade. 

2. The Man Bun

Everyone knows the Man Bun. It is one style that effortlessly turns long hair into something classy and sexy. It is also the perfect balance of fun and serious. However, this style comes with its own tricks and styling techniques. If this is the haircut you want to go for, I suggest you consult your hairstylist and decide which variation works for you.

3. Classic Taper Cut

The Classic Taper Cut is a perfect choice for men who have short hair and want to go traditional on their special day. This style features a short taper that gradually fades into a skin cutIf you want to go this route, here is my advice to you – taper the sides of your hair according to your head shape. Then, slick the top hair back with some gel and you’ll have a sexy look for your big day. 

4. High Top Retro Fade

This classic style is a flat top paired with deeply faded sides. It is perfect for men with kinky/afro hair. You can add your own twist to the style and create a unique look that fits your head shape or style better. It’s best to get this haircut the night before your ceremony as it is a sexy – but technical and high maintenance – style.

5. Short (Faded) Waves

Short Waves give you a classy look that is bound to make your bride swoon. However, it may stress you a bit because it requires time and lots of moisturizer. However, it is a good style for men with short and/or kinky hair.  Short Waves are a combo of a medium-level Buzz Cut and a Temple Fade with an edge up. If you want these sexy curls, I advise that you save yourself the stress by getting a pro stylist to do it for you. 


Besides picking the perfect hairstyle for your big day, you have to keep your hair clean and healthy so that the cut comes out perfect. I hope these styles have helped you pick a haircut for your wedding day or at least inspired you on the best direction to follow.   

With a suitable hairstyle in mind, the perfect engagement ring in hand, and an awesome wedding outfit, you’ll be good to go. These simple preparations will set the stage for a perfect and unforgettable wedding day with that special someone.



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