12 Wedding Flash Mobs to Remember

Dancing at weddings is a time-honoured tradition. You could go back centuries and see countless styles of wedding dances, each characterising a period’s popular culture, customs and behaviour. However, it’s safe to say that in today’s trends, we may have strayed somewhat from the type of dancing you would have seen at a Tudor wedding. 

Skip forward to 2020, and our wedding dances have evolved over the years to form celebrations that are far more contemporary. Whatever it says about our generation, flash mobs are the latest trend to rock the world of wedding dances (some more old-school types may tut, but we’re here for it). 

Not sure what makes a flash mob? If you aren’t familiar with the craze, the term makes it sound like something Al Capone would have at his wedding. Flash mobs take loads of different forms, but essentially they’re a type of group dance that takes place in a public place. It involves a group of people coming together (seemingly out of nowhere), then performing a surprise dance routine in sync. 

If you’re loving the idea of performing one at your wedding and looking for ideas, we’re here to help you come up with a routine that is fun and easy to pull off on the day. So, we’ve scoured the internet, and rounded up our top 12 wedding flash mob videos. These include everything from movie-themed performances to a bride’s eight siblings raising the roof at the reception.

Then to top it off, you’ll find our list of our top 10 takeaways for anyone planning on performing a show-stopping flash mob at an upcoming wedding. Let’s see what moves you’ve got. 

Skylar & Daniel’s Wedding

In this medley that brings the whole wedding party together, the bride’s two sisters pulled off a fantastic performance based on a dance that the three siblings had choreographed when they were little. After a routine performed by just the two sisters, the entire bridal party got up on their feet to add to the bride and groom’s surprise. This brilliant flash mob consisted of simple-yet-slick choreography and a lighthearted feel. It was a roaring success, even though most of the bridal party doesn’t even live in the same state—it shows you what you can achieve with video calls!

Transforming the Father-Daughter Dance

After the first dance with her new husband finished, the bride and her father took to the floor for the next dance. Then, after starting with a traditional dance, the completely unsuspecting guests and groom were blown away by a father-daughter wedding flash mob (kudos to the dad we have to say—he came up with the idea of shaking up the traditional dance). He even got a team of pro dancers in on the ceremony, disguised as venue staff. It’s going all out, but clearly fun for everyone.

Getting Everyone Up on Their Feet (Even the Kids)

Flash mobs can consist of just one or two people. Or, when they get taken up a level, they can involve a huge group of guests. In this hugely entertaining, up-beat group flash mob, the whole thing was full of fun and energy right from the get-go. From just two initial dancers, the group kept growing and growing,until the whole audience was up, involved and having an amazing time. It took place outside on some simple stage flooring, and that impromptu feel made the surprise work even more brilliantly. 

“Shut Up and Dance with Me”

We love the clever way that the bride launched into this flash mob to surprise her new husband. The couple was playing a game of ‘Mr and Mrs’ (sat back-to-back, answering questions about each other).hen, they were asked, “Who is a better dancer?” Quite rightly, the groom voted for the bride as the answer. To prove just how right he was, she then stood up and surprised him with a flash mob dance, which included her dad and bridesmaids too. The flash mob-classic song ‘Shut Up and Dance With Me’ came on, and the stage was filled by a super sassy all-female performance (with the groom dragged back on stage to cap it off). 

Jemma & Jay’s Wedding

Jemma is actually a professional Club Mob dancer so, when it came to her wedding, she was bound to perform an unbelievable flash mob dance. Just as she was finishing the first dance with her now-husband, the song stopped all of a sudden (he looked pretty surprised – guess he thought there must have been some technical error!). The DJ came out and comically said that although the groom had made a good effort, if he stepped aside, he could watch and see how it was done. Then, Jemma and her all-female powerhouse absolutely stole the show. Probably one for brides who want to own it.

Madi & Preston’s Wedding

This movie certainly stole all of our hearts, so it made the perfect choice for a wedding day flash mob. In this The Greatest Showman themed routine, the couple Madi and Preston kicked off the surprise for their guests, with a very moving, heartfelt dance to ‘Rewrite The Stars’. After several other routines, ‘The Greatest Show’ was the song choice for the bold, empowering finale \led by the bride and groom. 

Surprising Bride Kate

This super-energetic routine was absolutely brimming with fun and energy. It was so clear that the bride could not believe what she was seeing! It just shows you how much these surprises mean to people. Throughout this hilarious flash mob (who doesn’t love a bit of Kelly Clarkson?) everyone was clearly having loads of fun—the audience, newlywed couple and dancers alike.  

Taking Inspiration from the Theatre

During his speech (which takes the prize for the best segué from speech to performance), this father of the bride surprised everyone with an incredibly moving flash mob performance based on the West End musical, Les Misérables. One by one, performers stood up to join in with the rendition of “One Day More”. This routine definitely took its inspiration from all the drama and emotion of the theatre. What made it even more special was how visibly touched the bride and groom were to see that their loved ones had planned such a special arrangement for them. 

‘Oops I did It Again’

Groomsmen flash mobs are always a brilliant laugh. This wonderfully silly and goofy choreography created some real laugh-out-loud moments for the audience—plus, it was a total surprise for the bride. Highlights included the fake ‘workout’ that kicked off the whole thing, followed by a routine to “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears. These guys left nothing in the tank.

Kirk & Valerie’s Wedding

Next up, we’ve got another great groomsmen flash mob. This one included some absolutely unbelievable choreography (obviously, given his professional dancing background, that was bound to be the case) and the perfect starting song choice from Bruno Mars. This stage obviously meant a lot to the couple, as the CenterStage reception venue was a space where they had both performed together, during their time at the Richmond Ballet.

A Sibling-Style Flash Mob

We love a family flash mob. To surprise their sister, the bride’s eight siblings (of all ages) got together and performed a joint routine. The flash mob started off with the four boys dancing to The Backstreet Boys’ cheesy classic “I Want It That Way”. Then, after a brilliant series of witty dances, all eight joined together to perform to the song ‘’Radha”. The cool choice of Bollywood music for the closing routine was incredibly creative and made this flash mob a real stand-out affair. 

Mary & Caio’s Wedding

There have been some pretty large-scale flash mobs in this list, but this one is really on another level. To surprise the bride, every single one of the wedding guests got up to perform to Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good”. This simple and joyful routine was directed towards the bride, who was up on the stage with the band. Not only did this make a brilliant group celebration, but you could clearly see just how much it meant to her. This is the ultimate way to get everyone involved.

Our Top 10 Tips for a Successful Flash Mob

If you’re looking to pull off the ultimate flash mob at an upcoming wedding (whether it’s yours, your friend’s or your relative’s), these handy tips will ensure that it all goes off without a hitch. 

  1. 1. Pick a belter of a tune: Choose a fun-filled, sentimental song with a great beat to dance to.
  2. 2. Or, if you have a few song ideas in mind, a medley makes for a great way to ensure your flash mob keeps everyone on their toes. 
  3. 3. Time it well either when the after party is just getting into full swing, or (if you’ve been given one) during your speech. These options make great moments to shake up things with a flash mob.
  4. 4. If you’ve got beginner dancers involved, keep the routine simple. Include some kids to take the pressure off.
  5. 5. If the group comprises pretty good dancers, go for it, and pick a modern routine with real wow factor.
  6. 6. In order to have the desired effect, a high-energy dance is essential. So, if someone’s struggling to keep up (they might be slightly older or have a disability), simplify the routine slightly. Or, you could come up with an alternative version of a few of the moves that they can use if they need.
  7. 7. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Whether it’s via video chat or in person, the more you practise, the more sleek the end result will be.
  8. 8. Preparation is key—ensure that, in advance of the dance, you all know exactly when, how and where the flash mob is going to happen.
  9. 9. It’s all about the surprise: Make sure everybody knows to keep their lips sealed.
  10. 10. Have fun: When the music starts playing, really go for it! Dance like nobody’s watching!

These dances are a great addition to a wedding celebration for so many reasons. The complete surprise is full of novelty (where else can you get away with something on this scale?), and the energetic, impromptu and light-hearted routine gets everyone involved. It’s simple, easy and gets everyone laughing along with the performers. 

For us, flash mobs represents all of the giddy and goofy types of fun that you can have at a wedding. Emotion brims over, and we want to celebrate the day in ways that speak to all of the joy that we’re feeling. So, whoever you’re surprising with a wedding flash mob, it’s certain to be an unforgettable addition for the happy couple who will look back on the surprise with laughter for many years to come.