What is the Wedding Grazing Trend?

We’re talking to Dani of The Curated Kitchen to bring you the lowdown about the big wedding food trend of ‘Grazing Tables’. I love the fun and relaxed atmosphere this kind of dining brings and can see why so many Couples are opting to include this in their wedding day. Along with beautiful photos by B.LOVED Edit Supplier, Helen Warner Photography, Dani share what makes a great grazing table!

“When it comes to wedding trends for 2019 and beyond, there’s one word on everyone’s lips: “grazing”! But what exactly IS the graze craze? Where did it come from, and what makes a grazing table a brilliant alternative wedding catering option for foodie brides and grooms? As the owner of The Curated Kitchen, who specialises in beautifully styled grazing tables, I may be a little biased, but I believe this is one idea that you should definitely consider, whatever your wedding style! A ‘grazing table’, as it’s come to be known, is a decadent upgrade on the classic buffet – an artful arrangement of (for example) appetisers, charcuterie, cheeses, nuts, fresh produce, breads, dips and homemade condiments. It’s designed for guests to be able to help themselves, while mixing and mingling with one another. As a wedding trend, it started in Australia (where they do laid-back luxury oh-so-well!), and is now making waves here in the UK too.”


“Grazing as a concept isn’t new, of course. The Romans, for example, were renowned for their elaborate feasts, like the Emperor Vitellius’ famed Shield of Minerva (a platter of peacock brains, flamingo tongues, and pike livers). Feasting was also an important part of medieval life. And, while we no longer have flamingo tongues on the menu (thank goodness!), a communal dining experience and an abundant spread of food is still a wonderful way to bring people together and delight your guests.

But what makes a good modern grazing table stand apart from the cheesy old-school buffet? The secret is in the presentation. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the palette! When creating a grazing table, I use a collection of beautiful serving platters – both modern and heirloom – and style the table like a work of art, using different heights, colours, textures and other compositional features. An abundance of gorgeously presented food is what creates a feeling of decadence and luxury, as well as that Insta-worthy WOW factor for your guests!”

“Another aspect that’s super important to me is to use the highest quality food. This includes sourcing local, seasonal produce, so if you’re looking to plan an eco-friendly wedding that supports sustainability and local producers then a grazing table is a great idea! I create a bespoke menu for each event, which also includes delicious homemade elements, so a grazing table is also ideal if you want to customise your menu to be vegan or gluten-free.

The best part? Grazing isn’t just for canapés or mains! Dessert grazing tables are becoming a popular request too, and guests love them! Just imagine unveiling a table heaving with decadent desserts, where guests can pick out their faves and chatter to each other as they return to indulge throughout the evening. It’s a wonderful way to make everyone feel welcomed and a little spoilt – after all, nothing brings people together like good food!”

Pop on over to see this Pretty Picnic Inspired Wedding on B.LOVED – including gorgeous grazing tables by The Curated Kitchen, for more examples of this trend in action captured by And Your Story




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