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Fruits and Florals Wedding Inspiration Shoot in Kent

Bursting with citrus and blooms, this wedding inspiration shoot in Kent is something out of the ordinary. We can’t help but fall in love with the editorial’s fruity punch, floral accents, and colour amalgamation!

Brought together by Rebecca Brennan-Brown and captured by Lemonade Pictures, this styled shoot proves that couples shouldn’t be afraid of striking palettes and unique decor pieces. Scroll down and see how vibrant citrus and complementing flowers can glamorize a celebration.

The Style

Concept designer Rebecca Brennan-Brown “I decided to go for a fruity look because I wanted to do something a bit unusual.

The vision was always to have an abundance of ripe and sumptuous fruits adorning every element of the wedding, all tied together with bold features.

As we had a same-sex couple, it was crucial to show how traditionally feminine colours can still be edgy.

The Colors

I chose intense and punchy colours paired with their softer and sweeter sisters, each taken from different types of fruit.

The primary hues were pomegranate, lemon, and peach, which complement each other elegantly. These fruits have striking shades, so we mixed them with a subtle undercurrent. If we used only the bold tones, it would have been overwhelming.

The Flowers

Hedges and Flowers have a colour matching power, so the floral design matched the fruits flawlessly. We were lucky to acquire Icelandic poppies, which created a statement across the arrangements and bouquets. Instead of your standard flower wall, Elise and I spent hours hand-sewing oranges to create a mesmerising backdrop to the top table.

Key Tips – Fruits and Florals Wedding Inspiration Shoot in Kent

This look was so much fun to create, and I would highly recommend this to any couples looking to do something a bit unorthodox. We took early morning trips to London’s fruit market to explore all the various fruits available; it was such an exciting experience.

My top tips would be to make sure you match your bold colours with softer tones and go hard or go home with your pairing. Embed fruit everywhere you possibly can to carry the look through your whole day. For instance, you could infuse these fruits on cocktails, on the tables, on the stationery, even in your bouquet!”




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