60 Fashionable Wedding Masks and How to Wear Them

Face masks are recommended by the CDC to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and, according to Vogue, wedding masks are now the latest must-have fashion accessory including for your bridal party and guests. Learn more about how face masks and face protection slow the spread of coronavirus here.

To help you navigate this new reality, B.LOVED has put together a list of our favourite masks for brides, grooms and guests. Plus we spoke with LA-based bridal designer, Katie May, to get her expert tips on how to choose the right face mask, including tips on styling, fabric selection and fit. With these insights and our curated selection, we hope to make masks a practical and fashionable reality for your wedding day.

Katie, what are your key tips for styling wedding masks with your wedding dress?

I recommend finding a mask style that first and foremost stays true to your style. I’m sure you never imagined your wedding look involving a face cover, so finding one in which you feel comfortable and stylish will make you feel the most at ease on your big day. It should complement your dress, but not be too overbearing. I would recommend sticking to a more neutral colour palette to bring an elevated and non-distracting visual experience to your overall bridal look. You can play around with texture—like lace or sequins—to create a more luxurious look.

Any tips on fabric choice when selecting a face cover?

We spent countless hours researching what made an effective face covering. When it comes down to fabric, there are three main things you should look for:

  • Comfort: Soft lining fabrications do not itch or irritate the skin.
  • Breathability: If you are unable to breathe with ease while wearing your mask, you won’t be comfortable.
  • Multi-layered: More layers equal more protection.

How do you know if a face mask is a good size and fit?

Fit, along with material, is the most important thing when it comes to choosing an effective mask. If a mask doesn’t fit well or is uncomfortable to wear, it won’t be worn or will be worn incorrectly. Your mask should fit snugly across the nose, cheekbones and jawline with full coverage over your nose and mouth to prevent micro droplets from being shared. You should be able to move and talk without it falling down, or having to constantly adjust it.

What should you think about when selecting wedding masks for your bridesmaids?

As with your wedding look, I recommend choosing masks that complement rather than compete with your bridesmaids’ overall aesthetic. To me this means either choosing masks that are the same colour that your bridesmaids are wearing, or sticking to a more neutral colour palette for the masks. Again, playing around with more luxurious materials can elevate the look without bringing in additional colours.






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