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Handpainted Wedding Stationery – Rebecca Richards Designs

Apart from making your guests feel special, a tailored invitation will give them a hint of what to expect on your big day. Specialising in hand-painted wedding stationery, Rebecca Richards Designs artistically encapsulates the essence of love and romance through her work.

Today, we welcome Rebecca to the blog to share her bespoke design process and creative inspirations. She also talks about some useful tips for acing the art of planning your stationery design!



The Story Behind the Passion

Rebecca Richards Designs is an award-winning design studio for wedding stationery.

“I specialise in creating hand-painted bespoke wedding printed matter, where your invitations become more than just paper.

The design method involves the utilization of personal and unique ideas, whether that be watercolour florals to match your bouquet, an illustration of your venue, or even the figures of your beloved pets. During the process, I ensure that your style and personality are expressed eloquently through my designs.

I chose to specialise in hand-painted watercolours as it is a beautiful medium with which to work. This specific niche allows me to create delicate designs, immersive washes, and detailed illustrations. There’s something special about putting paintbrush to paper that digital design can’t encapsulate.

The Clients

My clients are those who want to imprint their personal touches into their wedding invitations rather than having an off-the-shelf design. 

Some of my favourite creations include a gorgeous Labrador puppy, a heartfelt robin illustration as a tribute to a family member, and individually-painted champagne bottles. 

I have worked with couples who have had their weddings in various venues such as English manors and Mediterranean villas. Their events feature plenty of floral and botanical elements, with relaxed elegance and a romantic vibe as my style generally favours these themes.

What is the first thing our couples should consider when choosing a designer to create their bespoke wedding stationery?

First things first: identify your specific wedding style before choosing your stationery. To recognise the theme you love, think about the vibe, location, colour, and other elements that you want.

After identifying your wedding style, you’ll probably have a rough concept about your ideal stationery design. You can then find a designer whose work reflects what you want. Aside from the work-aesthetic factor, it is essential to choose someone that will make the process smooth and straightforward. Thus, I offer a free no-commitment fifteen-minute telephone call for couples before they decide to book.

Another great way to find your prospective designer is through social proofs. Don’t forget to explore a range of stationers’ websites and Instagram profiles! Social media is an excellent tool for finding out their styles, processes, and prices. It’s important to choose a stationer whose work will fit into your budget, as there’s nothing worse than falling in love with something that’s out of your price range!

Remember, invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding day that your guests will see and one of the things you can have as a permanent keepsake.

The Design Process

In bespoke design, it’s all about those unique elements. Finding out what you want to highlight in your invitations is a central part of the process. I absolutely love designing bespoke wedding stationery, and I aim to make the process an enjoyable one for both of us. 

The process starts in the completion of a simple contact form where I can gather your information and requirements. Next, we will have a phone consultation to discuss your ideas, and I can go through the options I feel will suit you best. 

Then, we will work together during the design stage, where I’ll design and paint each element from scratch to develop your ideas. Bespoke means you have a lot of flexibility, and we’ll ensure that your invitations will reflect your personal taste perfectly.

My design inspirations mostly come from nature: I just love painting anything botanical or floral. Long outdoor walks and spending time in my garden often feeds my creativity.

I also spend hours poring over Pinterest and wedding blogs to get ideas for colour schemes, floral compositions, and industry trends.

When creating a design, I will start with a mood board. I collect images that convey a distinct story with its colours, textures, florals, and décor. Besides, I work with the couple to decide which elements of their wedding they want to feature on their invitations. 

Some print processes and luxury finishes will have an impact on the design. Handmade papers, hot foil, gilt edges, letterpress, and embossing involve certain design requirements and limitations. To optimise the invitation’s aesthetics, I always consider the above elements at the start of a design process.

What Makes Rebecca’s Design Unique?

My bespoke designs always feature my hand-painted watercolour illustrations, whether this is delicate washes or detailed florals. I just love it when clients ask me to illustrate something new and different; this is when the invitations become genuinely personal.

As I aim to create an invitation that is individual and unique, every detail is tailored to the couple’s needs. From luxury print finishes and custom wax seals to hand-dyed ribbon and watercolour illustrations, I can assure that your invitations feature special touches that you can’t get in an off-the-shelf design.

The Duration of Design

A bespoke design usually takes between 8 – 12 weeks. Generally, it depends on the scope of ideas, the quantity of illustrated elements, and the print finish.

Usually, I advise couples to send their invitations out around five months before their wedding day to ensure they’ll receive the relevant guest information for their wedding suppliers.

Here’s a rule of thumb: when you’re finally speaking to a florist, it’s about time to talk to a stationer. Often, stationers will be booked up a few months in advance. Even if you don’t have a fully-formed idea of your invitation design, it’s always worth getting in touch and booking a design slot if you like their work.

Key Tips

  1. 1. Be open with your stationer about your budget. With tons of print finishes and extra touches, prices vary considerably. Stationers usually recommend alternatives to make sure you don’t have to compromise on quality. For instance, I always do my best to create a beautiful invitation, whatever the budget!
  2. 2. Please don’t leave it too late to get in touch; an early booking will ensure a smoother and less stressful experience. As previously mentioned, it’s a good idea to contact a stationery designer when you’re already talking to a florist. 
  3. A stationer’s busiest time will often be January – April for weddings in the Northern Hemisphere summer. I book design slots for my couples at least 2 – 3 months in advance. To make sure you don’t miss out on your favourite designer, make sure you keep this in mind.

3. You don’t need a fully realised idea of what you want your invitations to look like, but it’s always helpful to do some research beforehand. Having a basic knowledge of some stationery terminology will help you to convey your ideas. A designer’s job is to take your vision and bring it to life: assisting them in understanding what you like and what you don’t will surely help.”

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