Hello, you luscious lot and a very happy Spring Start! Doesn’t it simply make your heart skip to see some sunshine (watery as it may be) tempting us out of hibernation?

Today’s post is a little different from the usual as it’s directed not ‘just’ at you exquisite brides and grooms but also at those of you who may, through their very own wedding planning journey, have discovered a love for the weird and wonderful world of weddings and may even be pondering whether this is something you could turn into a full-time career.

I’ve run workshops for budding wedding planners for a while now and, the more experience I gather under my expanding belt, the more I feel like I want to share my experience(s). And that’s not just what it’s like from my perspective, as a wedding coordinator. Over the years, I’ve seen oodles of couples deal in very different ways with the pressure planning a wedding has inevitably hurled into their paths.

So we made a(nother) little film to tell you what the workshops are all about and I hope this will help to shed some more light.


I ran my first workshop for brides almost four years ago, and it ended up being pretty eye opening. I have to admit that we winged it quite a bit, as is so often the way when you do something for the very first time. All I knew was that I really wanted brides and grooms to walk out thinking: what a delightful evening treated to fizz, scrumptious goodies and super-useful advice. Incidentally, it was also where I met the gorgeous Lou, our very own founder of all things B.LOVED.

One thing that struck me for months to come was how happy all the girls (and for some reason that night we did ‘only’ have girls in the house) were to have had the opportunity to exchange their experiences. And I’m talking the good, the bad and the ugly here. It was almost like we’d given them permission to share and, once they set off, there was no stopping them. I couldn’t count the “Oh my gawd, that happened to me too” moments but what I can say is that it ended up being almost a bit of an amateur-therapy session.

You see, we all have romanticised visions of what’ll happen when we announce we’re engaged. We think that, like the movies, everybody will be happy for us and support our dreams and plans. Surely, it would be rude to do anything other than having our backs as we fearlessly throw ourselves into wedmin?

I’d hate to rain on your shiny parade but most of the time, it won’t be quite so straightforward. Of course, not everybody’s wedding planning journey is peppered with traps and disagreements, and there are some for whom it’s a relatively smooth ride. For all those of you for whom it isn’t though, at least, take comfort in the fact (and it is a bonafide fact) that you’re not alone.

Most couples I’ve worked with have had their fair share of challenges thrown at them, from family politics to supplier crises and everything in between. Keeping a cool head isn’t for the faint-hearted and requires stealth diplomacy skills.

And this is where the workshops for brides and grooms come in. The plan is to give you a day off from your wedmin dilemmas, to instead put you into a room full of like-minded people who you’ll be able to share those day-to-day experiences with. Trust me, you’ll walk out feeling fantastically reassured in the knowledge that it really isn’t just you. And of course, to give you some tools and share tricks of the trade that will help you to (almost) breeze through your wedding planning months and, most importantly, your wedding day. Knowing how to plan a wedding day isn’t something that we inherit as part of our bride or groom DNA. Why wouldn’t you ask for some help with, let’s face it, what will be one of the most expensive days any of us are likely to ever host? If any of this strikes a cord with you and you want to know more, the totally non-judgemental Chapel doors are always open for you.


If you’re thinking about or are in the process of setting up your own business, I take my hat off to you. What a fantastically courageous thing to do! The weird and wonderful world of wedding planning can be a glorious place to work in and I feel privileged to be able to do what I do every day.

I do know from experience that it’s no walk in the park starting up though and that a little help from a friendly neighbourhood wedding planner doesn’t go amiss.

The Workshop is a starting point, to give you a glimpse behind the wedding planning business scenes, so don’t expect to come out of it a fully fledged wedding planner – there’s only so much that can be fitted into one day.

It is, however, a pretty intensive one-day course that focuses on what it takes to be a wedding planner, how to market yourself as a wedding planner and how to set up, run and grow a small business. There are plenty of practical, interactive tasks {but no role plays, I promise} and the opportunity to ask me as many questions as you like about running a successful wedding planning company.

It is the perfect class to help you decide whether a career as a wedding planner/coordinator is the right choice for you without having to remortgage the house or invest weeks into training for something that may end up not being quite right for you. It is also very helpful if you’re in the early stages of setting up your own company and need a little help to guide you through specific areas.

And this year, I’m ridiculously excited to add a follow-up workshop that covers on-the-day coordination. Perfect for you if you’ve set-up your business and need some reassurance before handling that first wedding day as a bonafide paid wedding professional.

There is a little more info on the b&g website so have a nose and holler if you want to know more. You’ll know where to find me.

Toodles and love and see you in April,

— Mrs b&g


Yoo Hoo, aren't you looking lovely today! So, I'm Anna and I'm your go-to girl for all things weddings, specifically on-the-day coordination. My best laid plan is to share a plethora of useful 'stuff' here to help get you through the wedding planning process unscathed. If you ever have any questions that you don't find covered, please get in touch, always happy to help. Pip pip!


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