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Afternoon readers!  Another lovely member to introduce this afternoon who some of you regulars may remember!  Emily, from Tempting Cake has supplied numerous treats, cakes and goodies for b.loved from the beginning.  From her South-West London kitchen, Emily creates all kinds of temping and delicious sweet treats with a natural creativity and passion for baking.

Say hello to Emily!

Hi b.loved readers! I am hugely excited to be joining the as a guest blogger and to share my posts about all things tempting, and all things cake and dessert with you all!

A wedding and particularly the wedding breakfast, can’t help but be influenced by the season it’s held in. Here at Tempting Cake we’re big advocates of using seasonal fruit in desserts whenever possible, and eating in line with local harvests has the added benefit of keeping both food miles and costs low.
Autumnal desserts conjure up hearty, warming, irresistible numbers rich in texture, flavour and colour and with that in mind we’ve rounded up our top 6 desserts for this time of year:

Sticky toffee pudding

There are many variations of sticky toffee pudding, but in our mind the best involves dates and a dash of rum for added decadence. Served with a caramel sauce, the golden colours add a hint of glamour to proceedings too.

Anything apple-y
An ooh la la tarte aux pommes with wafer thin apple slices on top

Textured apple crumbles with extra oats and nuts

A rustic apple cobbler pairs well with lashings of custard

Toffee apples work well on an evening dessert table or sweet station and are always popular with children.

Poached pears

Steeped in a syrup of cinnamon, star anise and all spice, poached pears are perfectly served with a ginger snap tuile biscuit and vanilla ice cream.
If you’re struggling to make a decision on desserts and always fancy a little bit of everything, then you could always give your guests a treat with a trio of apple desserts!

Autumn fruit pudding
Put a seasonal twist on summer pudding, using blackberries and apples for a luxurious purple hue.

Wedding cake
You can of course introduce some deliciously autumnal flavours into your wedding cake as well as, or instead of your dessert.
Carrot cake is an obvious choice here, with its orange-gold crumbly texture and scent of cinnamon

For a spicier option, you could of course plump for a sticky ginger cake with a fresh white cream cheese filling. If you’re feeling truly indulgent then what better excuse to celebrate the dark cosy evenings than with a rich chocolate cake filled with a salted caramel filling?

Decorations and platters

Leaves make great decorations for dishes, whether covered with white chocolate and given a dusting with gold lustre dust to decorate these white chocolate mousses or created into ferns using hand-tempered white chocolate to adorn the top of this blueberry layer cake

Not a dessert item this one, however we wanted to share some other ways of incorporating autumn into your table tops. Pretty leaf platters neatly present your cut wedding cake

  Dwell also has a good selection of leaf platters and dishes in various shapes, types and colours

And parchment paper leaves (used on cheese plates in France) can be used to line sweet or savoury canapé slates, plates or platters

Are you having an autumnal wedding? We’d love to hear how you’re referencing the season in your big day?
TC x

Click here to visit Emily’s page and keep up to date with all her latest posts for b.loved!


Image Credits:

Sticky Toffee Pudding Via: Channel 4 // Tarte aux Pommes Via: Tempting Cake // Apple crumbles Via: Taste Food // Apple Cobbler Via: UKTV Food // Poached Pears Via: Bossa Cafez // Autumn Fruit Pudding Via: Channel 4 // Carrot Cake Via: Fun and Food Cafe // White Chocolate Mousse Via: Charlotte Fielding // White Chocolate Ferns Via: Charlotte Fielding // White leaf dishes Via: Nina Campbell // Silver leaf dishes Via: Dwell // Parchment leaves Via: Divertimenti



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Anneli Marinovich

I could so easily try out each of these yummy desserts…all in one sitting! ;-) Having photographed and tasted your uber yummy strawberry cake, I would definitely point my brides in your direction for all things yummy & pretty! x


Oh My!!!! I am drooling and dribbling that is so not a good look ;) I dont know which of these I would pick so have to agree on ALL like Anneli. I think the B.Team need to be appointed chief tasters on any future posts just for independant and impartial opinions of course- purely for research heehee xx