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Hello lovely ladies! I’ve another two gorgeous member’s to introduce to you today! First up is the wonderful Liz from Blue Sky Flowers, a talented florist with a bubbly personality and creative eye. I love working with Liz, the flowers are such a big part of any wedding decor, and choosing a florist you can trust like Liz, ensures the perfect image in your head is interpreted into the most beautiful reality on your big day! With a wealth of experience in the wedding industry, Liz will be sharing her advice and knowledge to help you create your perfect day! Liz arranged the beautiful flowers in the shoot, including the amazing floral crown that I wore, which I totally didn’t want to take off at the end of the day :) Today she’s talking about flower seasonality… and how picking the right flowers could save you money!

Over to Liz ~

Once upon a time, we all enjoyed asparagus in the spring, strawberries in the summer and amaryllis in the winter. But now that these items can be grown somewhere in the world almost all year round, we feel we can and should take advantage of them whenever we want

The downside to this is that such things don’t feel special anymore, they become ordinary and everyday and this is not a feeling you would necessarily associate with choosing your wedding flowers. When a bride looks back at photographs of her wedding day, she should feel that her bouquet and the flowers used at the wedding itself reflect her personality, her choices and create a meaningful memory to hold forever.  When I first talk to a potential client, I ask if there is any flower that she particular likes – or indeed dislikes – as this is a good way to judge her taste and the sense of style she is looking for on her big day. I always advise looking at seasonal flowers since this will create a more comfortable display for the tables, make choosing the flowers much easier and ultimately will allow the budget to go further.

For example,seasonal flowers around now are as varied as any other time of the year and some wonderful Autumnal displays can be created with the lovely brown pincushion like ball of Rudbeckia, arching burnt orange spikes of Crocosmia, Hypericum berries is shades of dark brown through to bright red and almost acid green, fantastic bright happy Sunflowers and a multitude of colourful Dahlias – there is nothing dull about the onset of Fall!  Once we get to Christmas, we are then faced with the early Winter months, which may appear bleak at the outset but I’ve worked on some wonderful weddings with vibrant purple and red Anemones, strikingly tall Amaryllis with their wonderful trumpet flowers, super fragrant Hyacinths and their little sister Muscari and too many colours of Tulips to count.

Then we get into true Spring – the days are getting warmer (a little!), lighter and thoughts turn to more delicate flowers. Imagine a typical English garden filled with frothy acid green Alchemilla and Aster daisies, tiny bells of Lily of the Valley, sky-touching Foxgloves, papery assorted sweet colours of Sweet Peas and Poppies, my favourite, Lilac, every brides’ favourite, Peony and the ubiquitous, humble Daffodil.   Summer is probably one of the most popular times of the year to get married and there is certainly a lot of flower choice around – stunning heads of purple Agapanthus and Allium teamed with the heavenly scented pastel coloured Stock, almost true blue Cornflower, delicate Scabious and sometimes overwhelming Hydrangea in almost every colour imaginable except yellow – thank goodness!

If this hasn’t been too daunting then I hope it shows just what variety there is available without having the force the floral issue with super expensive but beautiful flowers flown in specially just to fit a brief. Talk to your florist about what you like and what is available. They will then be able to do their job and suggest the right flowers for you, your wedding and your budget. Happy flower shopping!

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Image Credits: Vintage rose bouquet Photography: Anna Rosell // Peony & rose bouquet Photography: David Jones Photography // Rose & anemone bouquet Photography: David Hares // Purple & lilac bouquet Photography: Docu Wedding // White daisy arrangement Photography: Wild Weddings // White stocks Via: BlueSky Flowers // White anemone bouquet Via: BlueSky Flowers



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