White destination wedding inspiration, photography by Kiss Me Frank, curated by Bloved wedding blog White destination wedding inspiration, photography by Kiss Me Frank, curated by Bloved wedding blog White destination wedding inspiration, photography by Kiss Me Frank, curated by Bloved wedding blog White destination wedding inspiration, photography by Kiss Me Frank, curated by Bloved wedding blog


There is something gloriously beautiful about a purely white wedding. No statement splashes of colour. Just beautiful white… it’s classy, it’s sophisticated, and it’s super effective. Stef and Sergi have certainly pulled off the look to a tee with their winelands wedding.

So if it is rustic wedding inspiration that you are after, you are in the right place. The stunning photography is courtesy of Kiss Me Frank.


It’s a long love story, actually. Sergi was visiting his father, who was based in the Philippines for work, during summer, when he was 18 years old. We met at a time when we were both young and impressionable—when every sight, every scent, and everything else mattered. We loved to share music and books with each other. The meeting was perhaps, something that we always looked back to, that would shape us in our lifetime.

After that summer, we lost touch, he went back to Spain to finish his University studies, and I did the same and continued with my life in Manila.

Years after, I was covering a writing assignment for a magazine, not even knowing who I was supposed to interview, to my shock, it was him. He was late for the interview and I was waiting in his restaurant, when he serendipitously entered the door. We had the shock of our lives. I didn’t even know he moved to Manila for good, and put up a restaurant. He couldn’t even believe it was me.

And so, with numerous encounters of serendipitously bumping into each other, in places we would never expect, it would go on that way for years. Just catching up on our lives when we can. Finally, he moved to Shanghai and continued to travel the world for his work.

On his third year living in Shangai, he went back for a trip to Manila to purposely see me. I once told him, “Good things take time,” to which, he refuted me, and said, “GREAT things take time.”

It was a slow burn road to true love, gently simmering, preparing to bloom—it was 15 years in the making.


One thing that was clear to us, we wanted it intimate, relaxed, and for everyone to enjoy the beautiful occasion. That meant, a small guest list, of people who both mattered to us. And of course, we wanted good food, since we both enjoyed food.

We had to fly to Barcelona a month earlier to prepare for the wedding. But Sergi’s mother, Scarlata, had been doing all the leg-work to find local suppliers and arrange the paperwork for our Church wedding.

Initially, I wanted to wear something from a Filipino designer, especially since the Philippine Fashion is big on weddings in the Philippines. Sadly it it wasn’t practical to fly my dress to Barcelona, so I opted for a local designer.

Luckily, I was able to find a unique piece from designer YolanCris. We really don’t have a theme, nor did we follow one. But when I saw the dress, I fell in love with the intricate lace it had, and the handcrafted florettes. It was unique and truly one-of-a-kind; it wasn’t even your usual princess-cut wedding style. It had charm to it, understated elegance. 

We asked our guests to wear white too – it just all went well together—the vineyard place, the quaint Church on top of the vineyard hill, the catering and the decor, the entertainment and music.

The Church was even made more meaningful, because it somehow matched our personality as husband and wife. It’s simple yet elegant, without the frills. Very warm, with a lot of charm, and history in it. The view is breathtaking as well, close to the vineyards.

And it just made sense to hold the reception at Cava Vilarnau, it was close proximity and had a spectacular view. The wine makers are good friends of ours and they make the most natural and quality cava in the region, which remarkably represents the beautiful land where my husband is from.

Our priest, Fr. Carlas Catasus, during homily, related the vineyards to love. He said that we were surrounded by vineyards, and vines are made to do grapes, just like people are made to love. And whoever believes and know that finds true happiness. So, all in all, the place where we got married just made a lot of sense and is made more meaningful-a reminder of our love for each other.

Watch the video from Love Me Do Films  here:


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