It’s been a while since I put together an engagement shoot for BLOVED, and frankly I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms. Today’s is the perfect antidote. This stylish woodland engagement shoot by Anneli Marinovich really captures Roxanne and Efe’s love.

And then I read the story of how they met and the proposal, and my heart just melted. Such a beautiful couple, with a lovely story to share, this is exactly what you need to read to get you in the mood for romance…

The love story

Myself and Efe met firstly when we both went on separate friends holidays to Marbella Spain. I knew a girl he was on the trip with very well so I arranged with my friends to go out there at a similar time. I was told by my friend that I would like someone she was on the holiday with, so be careful because at the time I had a boyfriend! Efe was also warned that I was taken so not to try and make any moves. 

When I first saw Efe he was with all his friends in a nightclub, I remember it like it was yesterday, they were all sat down and my friend stood up to introduce me to all the friends. Efe caught my eye immediately and I know it sounds mushy but I had butterflies and kind of stopped for a second. I went straight over to him and then we got chatting, we hit it off immediately.

The timings then weren’t great for Efe and I, I’d just got a job personal training tennis players whilst they travel so I was constantly on the move. Efe was in his final year at Oxford University.

18months after the holiday we got chatting on Facebook. He asked when I was next in London to take me for a drink. Luckily I was working in London for 2 days before flying to Mexico for 3 weeks so we arranged our first date in Covent Garden.

The first date was so much fun and he was just like I remembered but even more handsome in his work suit. We hit it off again and what was meant to be a couple of drinks went on until we had to hurry back for the last tube.

I thought he would lose interest after that because I had to go off to Mexico for 3 weeks and I lived in Leeds when I was home and he lived in London. Whilst in Mexico he always kept in touch and when I was landing into London he had booked the day off work to take me out for dinner for our second date.

The 3rd date was on New Year’s Eve and that evening we decided to be a couple. New Year’s now is always fun because we can also celebrate another year together.

After a year and a half of commuting I decided to move to London and also become a personal trainer in London.

The proposal

After living together in our flat for a year, Efe suggested we go for dinner to have a little celebration of having the place for the year, he was always sweet like that and dates. So I just thought what a lovely idea!

That day I had been bride dress shopping for a very good friend of mine who was getting married. I knew I had to be back home for 7 though to make sure we leave for dinner at 8. I didn’t know any plans as he said let’s keep it a surprise for you will be more exciting for you not knowing where were eating.

He then surprised me by taking me to Asia de Cuba in the St Martins Lane hotel in Covent Garden, where we went on our first date.

Earlier in the week his mum called us to say why don’t you stay with us in North London this weekend as I she had guest passes for a new spa that has opened. Clever because then I packed an overnight bag and took it to the meal thinking from there we were going to his mum’s house.

Whilst sat at the meal he then explained to me that his boss in America always stays here when he comes to the UK office and he booked the table for us. Then went on to say he was coming to stay the next day and wanted Efe to check his room out. believed him because it was quite a story. I was quite excited though because I’d heard it was one of the best hotels so wanted a nosey around!

During the meal, when I look back, he did drink his drinks quickly and said to order more and the best dish on the menu because it’s a celebration.

After the meal we went up to the room and when we got to the door he walked in and I stayed outside. He shouted ‘what are you doing come inside’. I was hesitant as it was his boss’s room. When I finally opened the door I was amazed there were fairy lights, candles and a big bottle of champagne on the bed, the bed was decorated so beautifully and so romantic I couldn’t believe it. Obviously I knew it was for me now! I hadn’t clicked on that it was a proposal yet.

He then took my hands and got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. I jumped at him and couldn’t stop saying ‘wow are you sure, I can’t believe it’ and of course YES over and over again. After the initial shock I realized I hadn’t even seen the ring because I was jumping around so much. He re-opened the box and it was the exact ring I had dreamt of having but thought it wouldn’t be possible!

The excitement continued as my amazing mum, future mother-in-law and Efe had organised a surprise engagement party for me and Efe the weekend after. All my close family and friends were there and it was again such a shock and surprise – another best day of my life.


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