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Gaming Tech: How To Operate Your Own Dedicated Server

Gaming Tech: How To Operate Your Own Dedicated Server

Multiplayer gaming is one of the main reasons that gaming has become one of the most lucrative industries on the planet. And, during the Covid era, online multiplayer gaming saw a massive boom. Allowing people to stay connected with one another during troubling times. There is nothing better than logging on and gaming with your friends. No matter where they are in the world.

From Minecraft to Counterstrike, most modern games come equipped with some form of online multiplayer. Single player games are still a popular format to be sure. But this is the age of multiplayer gaming. A lot of games, primarily console ones, have dedicated servers hosted by the games developers. Titles like Call Of Duty are a prime example of this.

But for other games, such as Minecraft, you might want a more private or personalized multiplayer experience. Which is where a dedicated server comes into play. This guide will walk you through exactly what a dedicated server is. And how you can operate your own one for the purposes of gaming.

What Is A Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a physical piece of hardware that allows users to connect to a specific website / program / system. Whatever is hosted on the server. Technically, a regular PC could be used as a server, allowing access to other users either on a local network or remotely through the internet. But this isn’t ideal for the purposes of gaming.

We will be using Minecraft as an example for this article. It is entirely possible to host a Minecraft server on your PC. Your friends can join and you can all have a good time. But, when you turn your PC off for the night, the server has to go offline too. This is fine for you, but not for your friends who might want to keep playing.

You could opt to keep your PC running overnight, but this will increase your electricity bill and isn’t ideal for the health of your PC. Also, while you are using the PC, it will be performing slower due to having to deal with hosting the server, using more processing power.

A dedicated server removes all of these issues. It can run 24/7 and will reduce the risk of lag or downtime as it doesn’t have to worry about running other programs.

Starting A Dedicated Server

There are a number of reasons you might want to create your own dedicated gaming server. The most popular reason is to create your own gaming community. This could be for social reasons or business purposes. Because there is a lot of money to be made from running a good gaming server.

First, you need the physical server to handle the hosting. There are two options here. You could opt for a physical server. Or you could rent a server from a third party. Let’s examine the pros and cons of both options.

Buying a physical server for yourself will allow you total customization over the hardware and software. You will be able to deal with any technical issues as soon as they arise. And you can easily alter the servers hosted programs at will. The downside is the cost. Physical servers are not cheap. And, since they will be running constantly, they will run up your electricity bill.

Renting a server is often cheaper overall. A lot of companies price themselves competitively these days since windows hosting is still very viable, there are plenty of options available to you. Renting a server will come with consistent tech support from the company. The major downside is, if a tech issue arises, you will have to wait longer for it to be sorted as opposed to fixing it yourself.

Curating The Server

Running a dedicated server is about more than just the technical aspects. There is also a lot to consider in terms of how the server operates and who is allowed on it. If you are running a private server then you don’t have to worry as much as you can curate who has access.

But if you are planning to run a dedicated public server, you will need some safeguards in place. You will want to create a set of rules that users have to follow to ensure everyone is having a good time while using your server.

To ensure people are keeping to the rules, you will want to find some moderators. Moderators are people who will have access to admin commands on your server. This will allow them to ban anyone who breaks the server rules. Moderators are essential for maintaining your servers reputation online. But you need to be very careful when selecting your moderators. There are a lot of people out there who let a little bit of power go to their head. And nothing will kill a server faster than bad moderators.

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