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Our Picks For The 7 Best Shows About Firefighters

Our Picks For The 7 Best Shows About Firefighters

Firefighters play a major role in the universe. They are more like our real-life superheroes. Many firefighters have lost their lives, and some have been badly injured while doing their job. They practically risk their lives to save lives.

There are many shows depicting the selfless services rendered by firefighters. One unique thing about most firefighting shows is how they are made to look so realistic.
In this article, we will be sharing some of the best firefighter shows in history.

7 Best Shows About Firefighters

London’s Burning:

London’s Burning is one of the oldest firefighters series. It aired from 1988-2003. The show is centred on the lives of members of the London Fire Brigade, most notably those of Blue Watch, a team of firefighters based at the fictional Blackwall Fire Station. It showed the camaraderie and high spirits of Blue Watch members whenever there was a “Shout” (A Brigade term for an Emergency Call). Although the show went into a decline, due to the addition of new characters and killing off some favourite characters, the show still stands as one of the best firefighter shows.

Calm Fire:

This show took place in the heart of California. It centred on fire fighters who battled wildfires from spreading across many states. It displays how intense and dangerous the nature of their work is, thus showing bravery and resilience required to confront the wrath of nature. Calm Fire explores the emotional strain, camaraderie, and individual sacrifices firefighters endure while facing relentless fires and overcoming personal hurdles, all depicted through engaging narratives and character growth.

Rescue Me:

The narrative of the series follows Tommy’s distressed family members and colleagues as they deal with real-life issues, including the enduring repercussions of post-9/11 trauma and their individual problems. The show is funny, tragic, and riveting. Like most firefighters’ shows, Rescue Me gives us a view of what firefighters go through both physically and emotionally.

Chicago Fire:

Under the leadership of Battalion Chief Wallace Boden, the team faced life or death decisions every day with Paramedics Gabriela Dawson and Leslie Shay but they still looked to one another like family, and always ensured the safety of everyone. Chicago Fire offers a fresh and realistic drama. The series depict the work life and personal lives of firefighters, showing us their Weaknesses and Strengths. It also showed us the experiences of the victims, including homeowners of fire-damaged properties and how they work through their situations. Did you know that you can still sell your fire-damaged home? Homeowners of Fire-damaged properties have between $3,500 and $5,000 to recover after a small fire when they sell the property.

Third Watch:

This show is centred on the lives of security agencies, paramedics, and firefighters working 3 to 11pm shifts. The show focused on the trials and risks encountered by first responders as they swung through the busy streets of the urban landscape. Through attractive narratives and character evolution, it examines themes of sacrifice, bravery, and the individual battles experienced by those at the forefront of emergency services. The stories and characters were handled so well. This show deserves a revival.

Tacoma FD:

The series centers around a team of firefighters who find themselves with ample leisure time, resulting in amusing antics and comedic scenarios. It combines workplace comedy with the unique challenges of firefighting, offering a lighthearted take on emergency responders.

Fire Chasers:

This is a great representation of CalFire, local California departments, and California wildfires. It also showcases the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations program to train nonviolent prisoners to be firefighters. Interviews with experts and local government officials provide information about the environmental and financial factors that are impacting their ability to fight fires effectively. Professional and volunteer firefighters discuss what they do while on and off the job, and victims talk about their experience and loss. Meanwhile, artists Jeff Frost and Andrea Dale travel throughout California to film and photograph the blazes and the destruction caused by fire.


Firefighter shows can help to tell the story of the fire service as it really is and as it could be. These shows offer us insights on what firefighting truly entails. Firefighters also help with hazardous materials, road traffic incidents, medical emergencies, floods, and even rescue cats in trees. In clearer terms, the services firefighters render are not just limited to quenching flames, their job role is mostly based on saving lives.

These shows also show us the life of firefighters outside their work. Making us understand their struggles as individuals and the impact their job as firefighters have on their everyday life.

Lastly, you can have an idea of what fire victims go through when they watch these shows. Especially those who lose their loved ones and properties during the course of fire outbreaks.

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