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Why 2024 Is A Huge Year For Esports

Why 2024 Is A Huge Year For Esports

Esports are increasingly becoming popular as the year goes by, and the coming years are always better than the previous ones. In 2019, the number of esports viewers was slightly below 400 million. We can only imagine the number of viewers the 2024 tournaments will record, considering the level of awareness the event has garnered.

What is Esports?

Electronic sports (Esports) is a video game competition that involves players competing against themselves as a team or individually. The competition has gathered much attention from gamers, gaming fans, and even investors from different parts of the world. Regions like Asia, Europe, the Americas, and some African countries participate in esports.

One of the best parts about esports is that various games are featured in it. Games like Apex Legend, Call of Duty, Dota, Dragon Ball, Chess, and many other games are featured. Esports create an avenue for gamers to earn while doing what they love.

Why is 2024 a Huge Year for Esports?

Aside from the fact that Esports increases in popularity as years go by, there are many other reasons why 2024 is a huge year for esports. Here are some reasons;

  • Technology innovation and advancement

Technological advancement and innovation in 2024 have taken esports to a higher level. The most obvious evidence of the impact of technological advancement in esports is the high awareness the competition has gotten globally. Social media and other online platforms have created an avenue for information to spread easily and speedily across the globe.

Another impact of technological innovations and advancements in the 2024 esports is the enhancement of gaming arenas. Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and other enhanced technology have made the esports experience better for both gamers and viewers.

  • Inclusion of some of the most played video games globally

As we stated earlier, many games are featured in esports. Among those games are some of the most popular video games in the world. Some of the popular games featured are;

Call of Duty: COD Warzone 2.0 and MW2 and others will be featured in the 2024 video game competition. There is a Call of Duty league, where gamers from different teams compete. Cheat codes like aimbots for modern warfare and others like it are strictly not allowed.
League of Legends: League of Legends is also one of the most-played video games in the gaming world. It is also popular in esports. There are many League of Legends leagues in the tournament. Like Call of Duty and other games in the tournament, cheat codes are strictly not allowed.
Other popular games featured in the 2024 esports include Apex Legend, Tekken, Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, Rainbow Six, Pokemon, etc.

  • The emergence of more professional sports clubs/teams in esports

More teams are joining esports in 2024, and this will likely make the competition more challenging and appealing to the gaming audience, sponsors, and gamers that are yet to join the competition. The fiercer competition, the more interesting it gets.

  • Increased interest in esports from gaming fans

Esports have grown popular in most parts of the world. The news of the probability of esports being included in the 2028 Olympics, the emergence of more professional teams/clubs, the awareness created about the competition, and others are all parts of the reasons for the increased interest in esports.

  • Esports 2024 sponsorships

The more sponsorship esports gets the more the event advances. Sponsorships can be for individuals, team endorsements, or league sponsorships. The goal is for brands to attract as many potential customers as possible.

Strong brands like Red Bull, Monster Energy, Intel, Coca-Cola, etc. are currently sponsoring the competition. Esports sponsorship declined at some point due to a lack of ROI for brands, but 2024 promises to be bigger and better for esports sponsors. The number of audiences for the 2024 esports has increased significantly, meaning that brands can reach out to many potential customers.


If you love video game competitions or you are looking to endorse teams or individuals for your brand, 2024 esports is a great avenue for you. The 2024 video game competition promises to be competitive, entertaining, and packed with millions of viewers. 2024 will be a huge year indeed for esports.

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